Niu Niu wants to puff it into Su Yaoyi。

“fine,After Xiaofan returned, we can also find a chance to see him.!If you are not allowed, he can remember there is a little girl.!”
“I am not a little girl.!”
Xiaofan’s crying is just right.。
“grandfather?” Niu Niu worried。
“It’s fine,It should be awakened,People who don’t know,It’s good for a while.!Mrs. Zhou, but the mother of Xiaofan.!”
Ye Yee touched the little melon of Niu Niu。
People small,Quite a lot of trouble。
Cry for a while,The sound is small.。It seems to be。
Niu Niuzheng is positive,No longer paying attention to the movement in the house。
Oh——A,Zhou Master opened the door,Go out。
Obvious,Zhou Master is sorted out his own mood.,But the excitement on your face still does not cover up,眼 微 微 泛 红。
“If you have something to say yes??Let’s go to the house.!There is a table!Niu Niu,Goewell some tea!”
“it is good!”
Niu Yaoyi to take a tea bottle。
I just had a chance to listen to the conversation of the two.!This is just great,Pouring the water, I don’t know if I don’t know the ghost.。
“mother,Is there tea??”
Wongli is busy in the kitchen,Master couple suddenly appeared,Slightly a little bit of breakfast。
Niu Niu supported the door frame。
Who is so high of the threshold?!It’s not convenient to pass it.!
“I haven’t come to buy tea at home.!Do you want to ask you to ask if you go to the village??Take a borrow.!”
Su family is afraid that the town will be recognized.,So all things are to others to help,Mid-range,Both life necessities。
Tea This kind of guys specially used to entertain guests,I really didn’t think of it in a short half.。
After all, the farmhouse came to guests in the first month.
“mother,You are playing a pot of cool and white.!I will wait for my grandfather.,He should not mind!”
“Take a long time to go to the village,I don’t know who is。One another,Certainly you can’t come.!”
Niu Niu has reasonful,Make people have to convince。
In fact, I don’t want to miss the conversation between them.。
Zhou Buli fell a tea pot water,Wipe the teapot around with Patty。
“Be careful!Don’t sprinkle!”
“mother,I got out of the door, I will give it another one.!”
Niu Niu supported the door frame。
“mother,How to repair the threshold so much??Not convenient at all!”
“Before Wang Cai, I like it in the kitchen.,How many thresholds can repair it?!Waiting for the girl, it is convenient.!”

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