Nange disassembles kraft paper,Looking at the beautiful calligraphy above,Tough reading:

“I will answer your questions in turn.。
“At present, about half a day is about half a day,Also affected by your impact。If you don’t feel resistive,This time will grow slowly this time,If you start to boycott,May also be shortened。
“Precisely,I am a memory,But because your body is converted by my original body,So I can help your body and brain.。So I am human or monster, actually by you.,I am more similar to human soul concept。
“From a certain aspect,I am you,You are me。But from another aspect,You are you, I am me。There is a difficult relationship between us,There is another difference。
“Answer with the help of the previous question,I can directly convey my knowledge and experience of spiritual power to you.,As long as you don’t conflict,Successful probability。This will get a lot of knowledge and skills than you have through others’ teachings or self-exploration.。
“I will have to leave your house for the time being on next night.,To a few big demon,Start looking for me to make a flesh and transfer,This actually answered two questions.。
“You communicate with me without writing。
“When you are awake,I must be awake,And I can’t close my eyes.,I can see it.,I can hear it.。So you only need to speak for yourself, you can talk to me.,I am inevitable.。
“finally,You are still looking for a blockade.!”
Nan Ge has read three times a whole whole,Make sure that there is no mistake or understanding wrong place,Then I replied my words.:“Next time I write to remember the marking point symbol,like me。
“There are swords and swords available,Two things。
I then get together,Because if the king is really true,Does the learning spells are not as simple as the game skills??
It can be much more than a thoughtful!
Nan Ge sighed。
Be a child,It’s really lonely as snow.。
This sentence she was originally aware that she wants to speak from her words.,Recognizing that there is a voyeur in the body,Aim,She changed to my heart.。
Chapter 625 It turns out that he is good.
Nan Ge once again dismantled paper。
I only wrote a sentence:“Monsters are different from people,We will not lying,Will not violate。”
Nan Ge frozen five officials,Uncomfortable expression。
Is this way to communicate not too inefficient??
She and Zhou have used every timeqqchat,I don’t know how to I have made hundreds of messages.,This is still two people in the same school,Class together during the day,Only the result of chatting at night。
Nan Ge shakes his head,Take a pen,I don’t want to think about it.,Write this paper:“That’s not OK,I don’t find a blocked your method, I am hard.,I can’t always be intimate with my boyfriend.,Or when do you need to make a care?,You are also listening、Look at?”
Nan Ge once again dismantled paper。
This time I wrote this:“What is this?You can accept the suture,What is the difference between me??”

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