“good,Blue,I will call Le Yu with the future.,Little auspicious is a 100-day banquet.,Their husband and wife are very busy。”

Lu Haocheng reminded,Blue Xin also wants to think。
When I sent a dice, I listened to Mu Zi.,Plan a big run。
“Oh,Then we have to go to the little auspicious to buy a gift when we come back.。”
“rest assured,Is our son,I will stay with you to buy.。”
Lu Haocheng looked at it,Laughing with dog tail。
Le Yu and he don’t deal with,He doesn’t want to find pain to yourself.。
妍 上 瑾 妍,The eyes of Blue Xin one day are on Le Yu and a little luck.,He doesn’t like that kind of ignored feeling。
Lu Haocheng despised himself,Silently read a sentence:“He is so unconfident。”
Things, Li’s group to go public, these days, major media are publicized.。
I also invited the stock world to witness the miracle of the Legal Group.。
Understand today,Li’s group stock market value is located in the world,It can be described as a big exhibition,Almost occupy the main market。
The potentials full of investors,Keep money,Some even more,Put the whole body。
Lejia!Li Si is a little worried about news。
Lu Hao Cheng has not called her,I don’t know how he is ready.。
Never let the Group listed,otherwise,Many investors will lose everything。
Li’s official big says to play advertisements。
Do you think of a rich man overnight??
Do you want to know how rich people live??
If you have thought,So just come with me.,Li’s group takes you。
“Ah”Li Su is cold and laughs,She has a glass of red wine in her hand,Elegant sitting on a tatami。
“I really dare to say this.。
http://www.gyhuijing.cn ”She just said that I heard the door.。
Know who is coming?,She got up and opened the door。
“elder brother。”
Li Xingchen will go in。
Li Xingchen looked at the sister,Thinking of tonight,Scene he saw,抿 抿 抿 抿,Slowly open:“Bamboo,When I came back today, I saw Gu Jia Du Gongzi to send you back.,Are you in communication??”
Liusi is elegant and drinking a red wine,Red lips:“Does the big brother don’t want to see me happiness??
He is a good person,A very good person to me。”
Li Si is watching the window,If she didn’t leave when she was,Maybe they have been married。
Li Xingchen looked at my sister,I know that she has always been worried in Lijia.。
He is naturally hope that his sister can live happiness.。
He slowly walks the sister,Looking at the good face of my sister,She is very similar to my http://www.nagogo.cn mother.,Also beautiful,He can’t be happy,But my sister must be happy.。

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