Qing Palace is like lightning strikes,The pain of the chest makes him feel a bit difficult to breathe.,It’s hard to stand in a time.,Rock。

“You look like this now,Even walking,What else is going on??”Meiqin grabs a Qing Palace,Snort,But my face is slightly red.,I don’t know if it is because of my own action.,“Do you want to die completely??”
Meiqin took the half of the Qing Palace on his shoulders,Although the Qing Palace is higher than the Meiqin height.,Can make a beautiful piano, this is this,Hold him to the bed,then,Gently put him back into bed,The action is gentle, she can’t believe it.。
“If it is a matter of the black, they have encountered such a thing.,I certainly don’t tolerate it.。”Looking at the Qing Palace of silence,Meiqin’s voice is a bit,It’s no longer as strong as it is,But there are a bit of a little pity-like anger.,“But I will not be like you.,Everything is rushing!”
“What if you die?!”Meiqin amber scorpion flashes anger,“Have you thought of?!”
“I”Qinggong laughs,He suddenly found that he couldn’t face such a native.。
“Have you ever thought of me??”The tone of the Meiqin is more gas,“Is it in your heart?,I am not worth your trust.?!”
“Do not!”Qing Palace is scared,Hurry to deny,“I just don’t want to”
“Don’t want to be tired?”Meiqin stares at the eyes of the Qing Palace,Amber first overwhelmed off,“Then I ask you,If it is a black child, they are controlled.,Will you help??”
“Will definitely。”The opening of the Qing Palace does not hesitate,“That”I just finished,He reacted,I can’t help but hurt my heart.。
“Then I won’t it??”Meiqin grinds grinding teeth,Proud to watch the Qing Palace,I can’t help but get red.,“If you die”
What should I do??
Looking at the eyes of Meiqin,The Qing Palace is in the first time。
“I don’t care what you are going to do.。”It seems that I feel that my eyes are not,Meiqin http://www.yygezi.cn twist,Do not let the Qing Palace see your expression,“I have decided。”
“I have already played with that person.。”Meiqin is deep breathing,Work hard to calm down,“He is indeed strong,But it doesn’t mean that he can do it.,Waiting for you,I take you to save the flexida.”
“this time,Don’t want to open me!”Meiqin tried to call out this sentence,The two are clearly listening,The young girl is a firm voice under the slut.。
Looking at the back to myself,Small tremor,Qing Dynasty,But I don’t know what to say.,Finally, I can only make it sigh.。
“Feel sorry,Namagin。”The sound of the Qing Palace is also slightly trembled.,“Just now,I hit me.”
“after,This kind of person who is a hero is,I won’t do anymore.。”The Qing Palace is solemn,Self-depth smile,“and also,Where is the hero?,Is it so might of being played?。”
“You stupid!”Meiqin turns,Two eyes are red and watching http://www.lyhtp.cn the Qing Palace,There is also a crystall in the tone.,“You have died once.,Still want”In the second half, she did not finish it.,Qing Palace has seen,Her eyes flashed a crystal tear。
“Not anymore,Really won’t。”Qinggang gently reach out,Wipe the tears of the eye,“I have always thought that I have nothing.,But until now”
“I found myself just an ordinary person.。”Northern Palace is helpless,“There are a lot of incompetent things,Now it seems”
“A person is incompetent,Both people may have done it.?”
“Um。”Meiqin looks at the eyes of Qing Palace,Can’t help but break,At the same time, play again and again quietly.。
Although it is just the same as you grow,But I will also commit you with you.。
your future,I will never let go.。
I don’t know what I thought.,Meiqin quietly looked up at the Qing Palace,I found that the Qing Palace is also watching himself.,The http://www.360jzfw.cn face can’t help but be more red.。
This stupid
The number of books before the soft sugar is full.,Newly built a second group,Group number9 4 3 8 0 0 2 7 5,Interested in adding。
(This chapter is over)
NS304chapter Frog elderly
“You really decided?”Hospital,The old man in frog looks at the front of the goddess,I can’t help but sigh.,“That thing is”
“No matter what,I have decided to try it.。”Qing Palace is light,But the eyes are firm, such as iron,“Current situation,I don’t have to hurt my hurt.。”
“Hey。”The old man looked at the palace’s face,The last silent sigh,“Come with me。”
Qingguang Station,Gently smile at the eyes of Meiqin,Slowly follow the old man。
The soul of the soul is very slow,Qing Palace is also unhappy,The two will be such a previous one,Slowly walk toward the underground floor of the hospital。
The underground layer is a idle ward,There are also hospital warehouses,The old man came to a warehouse in front,Verified the palm of the palm,Qing Palace is also rushing to keep up。
Very empty in the warehouse,Some is just a large piece of shelves.,Some drugs are placed above or,Or some information,It seems that it is the same place like a heap of debris.,Who will come here?。
The old man slowly went to the center of the warehouse,Stat it before one of the shelves in the middle。

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