This is an unfastestness and frustration。

I used to take the summer.,Later, I wanted to teach each other.,After,He sees the potential and danger of summer,Even the idea of killing will kill。
And now,He can only get rid of the bottom,Move back to the situation。
The shadow of death is shrouded,The breath is getting more and more strong。
Can’t continue。
if not,I will fall today.!
Nangong shines on the sky,Spoiler,Once again, a long sword,Three swords connected to the summer。
First, the truth of each other,Continue with the true knife,Finally, I will be like a thunderstanding。
Tattoo light straight high,It seems that heaven and earth。
This time,Summer did not cut off each other’s long sword。
Not only that,Summer is reversed。
The brightener of the South Palace is sword and swords in the sun.,A bright sword plumd。
10,000 warfare of the war,A blank brain。
Nangong’s breath is several times,The long sword to tear out the power of the whole seat,And go to the four sides。
Everyone feels a coldness of a cold Salers.。
“He actually used five products!”
I don’t know who shouted my throat.,Suddenly,It’s a mess!
No one wants to,South Palace actually violates the rules of competition,Underside,Not only a tool,And it’s five products。
“I surrender!”
South Palace is bright,Still turning into white light rushing to summer。
Sword,Seal the ten parties。
This is his deliberate,After the admission,There is also a buffer of thirteen battles。
have to say,South Palace is bright and decided。
Take five products,Indeed in the rules,But but saved him。
At most, he was punished by the top three temples.。
on the contrary,If he does not use the tool,Will be killed by summer!
Blazing Jian Mang is like a shocking long,Form a thorns of rays,Embrace the daylight of the sky。
This is the power of five products.。
South Palace,Can play it out。
Be too embarrassing。
Launder on the edge of the ring,I only feel a blank head。
Fundamental is no longer open or action。
It’s too fast that it happened.。

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