In addition to being a nickname in India is‘Indra’The powerhouse’s subordinates are pale outside,In most other cases, it wins or is slightly inferior。

Because of the fight against an American soldier,Assassinated by someone。
Australia,Facing the chase of many killers,He fought back。
Facing the attack of reformers,Li Ming’s blood goes up,Work hard。
Night of killing,Also the night of death!
Li Ming, who was almost dead on the beach, showed a smile and sadness!
A pair of eyes stared straight at the sky above me,Suddenly said a word like a corpse。
“I am you!”
Wright, who was floating in the air like a ghost, also showed the same smile,Said lightly。
“You too!”
“I am Li Ming from Earth Chinese,Also Magnolia Mainland,Northerners of the Puang Empire,Wright!”
“here is。。。Panlong universe?!”
next moment,Wright, lying in the side hall of the palace, opened his eyes,Sit up suddenly。
“Wright!”The girl sitting next to Wright blinked,As if still asleep,The girl woke up in the next second,“Wright,You really woke up!”
Wright looked at the girl in front of him,Suddenly had an impulse,Hugged the girl suddenly with both hands,I kissed my red lips。
“Woo woo!”The girl was almost frightened,But it seems reluctant to resist,A few seconds later, I was quietly held in Wright’s arms,The small fist beats Wright’s chest lightly。

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