“Humph,What is the opponent of the enemy?,The world is invincible, I feel so cool.,What you have to say,This is one of the important factors that I am dead.。”She proudly took the waist,The nose is quite quite like Pinovo.,Very no-morality。

“family,It is the main reason I was summoned to this world.,I last century life,Because it is too paying attention to the chess,Ignore my family,I want to make these things now to make up the result is just as you can see.,I have http://www.byx365.cn done it.,I have left important traces in this world.,I will implement my obsession in this world.。”
After a little more,One’s heart continues:“Things from the obsession,Must be in the end as an obsession,If you have a confusion about this world,Then think about you with this world.,I want to think that you come to this world to obey,Firmly seize this obsession,It will take you out of trouble。”
Corporation listened to the other party seriously。
Although some extent,He and Qingdao deer,If you tell, there is often an abstract and logical inefficient ingredient.,But deeper feelings,Corporation did have received。
“understood,I understand how to do it.。”The science is nodded.。
The last level of the game console,That important memory module,Only overcome it,Can you make everything clear。
to be honest,Still relying http://www.jvshang.cn on chess to solve everything。
After going around with no numbers,It returned to the subject of the story,Chess,I will end the chess。
At this time,Qingdao deer is back to the bathroom.。
“Hey,Say good ice cream?”She drums the gang。
“Um,I will buy it.。”Corporation is going to leave。
Take the sunny island,He also didn’t forget to shoot on the other shoulders.:“correct,I bought this ice cream for a long time.,What is important whisper?,Try to tell the old man at this time.。”
then,Corporation waves the arm,The big shakes, the sky is going to the distance of the ice cream shop.。
His arm is a movement on the shoulders of the arm,Like the relay stick to the other party。
Qingdao deer’s cheek smoked,Expose“Hard to play”Expression。
Of course, I know that I am not here.,Of course, I will talk to the book.。
In fact, she has this long toilet,In addition to the long-distance team of the female bathroom,It is also because she deliberately left for these two people.。
As for her one,Corporation is immediately flashing,This is really a little existence.。
“Come,Deer,Sitting over sitting,Let’s talk about us.。”I took a photo next to yourself.。
Yue Island is slowly moving,Sitting next to each other。
Still, the sentence finally arrived at this moment.,Everyone knows that there will be such a moment,But I have not made psychological preparations.。
May be related to the separation。
“Where to say it, it starts from Huang Dao,Still starting from Qingdao”I am lying on the back seat of the bench,In the eyes, you reflect the slowly rotating ferris wheel.,Like watching the clock,Many old photos have been turned out。
“Still starting with you.。”One’s heart,“Qingdao deer,It is the beginning of my story.。”
Chapter 35 · You are the sugar in the angel hand
Under the night,The light is bright into the star river,The beautiful city is like a treasure。
Corporation is on the pole on the side,Let’s take a ice cream on one side.,Look at Long Island and a heart。
Every father is in front,Will have an important life to the daughter。
Although the picture in front looks like sisters
Beautiful and light sounds from the heart:“Actually,After you have born,I am very worried about my mother.,Because your health has always been a hidden danger。”
“When I was young,Is your physical condition??”Qingdao deer is a little confused。
“Yes,The doctor said that you have anyway to say a lot of things such as natural defects.,Specifically called 啥,I also forgot.,Anyway, I heard people at once.,I feel that the world has just colored.,It is going to be a gray.。”One’s heart。
“First hear these”Qingdao Dead。
“Such a horrific thing,Of course, don’t really say it.。”Head shrug。
“Then I can now be so living so.,Because of”Sunny Island’s look of a little complex。
“Be right,Of course your great old,I am afraid behind it.。”Take the thumb to yourself without concealing。
“Be right,Use fortune,I act as a healthy health of the world.,Life is safe, etc.,All in you。”One heart is on the other side of the other party,Looking at the eyes of the opponent’s youthful,“You are my most precious treasure。”
But the face of Qingdao deer has a little difficult:“But this way,Old man, you finally died because of his body.”

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