“Chen Haannan,shut up,Don’t worry about you now,Go home without anything.。”

Song Yisi listened to the surrounding remarks,The whole person is angry,She just wants to get people who love their love.,I didn’t expect that these http://www.51knock.cn people jumped out and made。
She grows from the small,What you want doesn’t have you can’t get it?。
She really likes Chen Haoan.,Because his people look very comfortable,Very clean,The temperament is like Lu Haozheng。
so,She told her father to marry this man.,Dad agreed,Then two family marriages have been established through relationships.。
NS1148chapter:Song Yisi,Don’t be too arrogant
then,Chen Haonan has a girlfriend in love for many years.,She was dismantled by her.,At that time, she felt that she had a very superior sense of accomplishment.,There is nothing that she wanted to get.,Lu Hao Cheng, who has always wanted in her heart。
There is a sentence called as long as you want,Dream will be realized。
Don’t God send him to himself??
Chen Haonan looked at her,It’s all disappointing and uncomfortable.。
“Song Yisi,The relationship between us is over,Since then, our two are just partnerships.。”
Chen Haoan said,Didn’t look at Song Song,But look at Lu Haozheng,After a look at it,He turned and left,Disappeared in the crowd。
Song Yisi looked at Chen Haolan’s disappointment,Tight hard,Dad knows this thing,I will not let her,so,She must take Lu Hao Cheng to do a business。
She lifted against the eyes of Lu Haocheng.,Told:“Take Lu Hao Cheng to take me away。”
Several bodyguards nodded,Walk toward Lu Haocheng。
Blue Xin held a few points in Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Haozheng looked at her smile laughing,“Blue,Don’t be afraid,I won’t follow her.。”
Ning Feifei also has some nervous look at Ou Jing.。
Ou Jing gave her a peace of mind,Pull her to your side。
She step forward,Blur of Lu Haochong and Blue Xin,“I want to take him away.。
Song Yisi,Don’t be so arrogant,Not your site here,There is also a law here,But not your Song family said。
Your Song family is very unrestrained.,But can’t just cover the sky。”
“Humph!Is the law??
I took my fiance back.,Do they manage??
If you don’t want to hurt, you will let me open.。”
Song Yisi is not afraid,I am in the character of my own,Along with her。
Dreams are valuable,Because on the way looking for,I can only see it but I can’t get it.。
I can get the Song Song you want from small.,In Lu Haozheng,Still it is my line,People who can get it as always,She has always been such a confidence。
He likes to design,She also likes to design,She thinks that there is no blue and bad。
She can walk with him,Join hands with。
so,She is more confident at the moment。
Ou Jing, did not let,Instead, the calm station is in front of Lu Haozheng.。
Looking at the two bodyguards,His handsome face,Cloudy http://www.sxshengshi.cn cloth,Yinhong’s lips,Angle green gluten。
The atmosphere is once tense,Blue Xin saw an eye,Can’t because of AC,Let A尧 are injured,Fifi will be sad。
“Song Yisi,stop。”
Blue Xin released Lu Haozheng,Take a step forward,More to the front of the European。
Lu Haocheng shouted,People have come to Blue Xin’s side。
“Humph!What qualifications do you have to live?,You don’t care about it,With you with you, you will get a group of Lu Group.,You still dare to stand out,I have already admired your courage.。”
“As long as you divorce,How much do you want me to give you。”

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