Three people a play,Not don’t say, there is also the little guy who is talking about the love of this.。

This is completely gone of Hanjiang’s spatial space,Can only follow the back to help。
Han River is used up to,It is a three-person to find a good-looking decoration.,Ask Han Rong how?
Hanjiang nodded,Good look,It’s too common with you.,I went to buy it.。
From 6 pm, I have been visiting at night.,Eight heavy cords have a big change。
Although I still don’t want to touch the stranger,But there is no rejection。
玉 丸 is completely playing,Not only flying in the middle of the three people,I have to eat delicious.,Playful。
Passers people have turned back,They are all being covered by a smart robot of Ji.。
“Time is not early,Then I will go back first.?”Ten p.m,Han Jiang asked in weakness behind the three people。
Obviously, I have a good play with eight heavy cherry.,How can I change it now??
“Girls are not afraid,Are you afraid of walking night?,Santa Fer Ya is not a street light,Go back so early.?”Ji Rapida returned to a sentence。
Kiis bought a large pile of bottles of wine tanks,At first glance, I have been tired.,I still want to go shopping.。
Chapter 69 Agency
Girls have never shouted hungry,Not shouting,Woman feeling。
Tasting to ten o’clock,The traffic in commercial street dropped a lot,De Lisa proposes to eat。
Hanjiang originally thinks about how to make some bubble noodles,But I was scared by a look of Jizi.。
“So many things, let us take a few people.?”
Place the big bag on the ground,There is also the gas bag of Hanjiang followed。
Han Jiang returned to the dormitory after twelve o’clock,The princess of the winter prepared for Qi Yana is obviously not used.,Tomorrow’s birthday gift has to be a Han River again。
“I remember that,Crystal should be able to draw a few。”Lying in bed Hanjiang open the system panel。
“1436Tie,I hope I can take some good things to give Qi Ya.。”Hanjiang prayed。
This replenishment system Han Jiang only took a hair,Or Qiana wants the bubble surface。
If this time I can take a similar thing, I will give Qi Yana is also good.,I can’t really get two claws in the two arms to send birthday blessings.。
Hanjiang hands closed,Pray for a while,The trembling finger points to the supplied button。
Next, the system page begins to send a golden flash,Hanjiang faintly found that there is a loud color in it,。
When the light is completely small,A small pistol slows slowly in the air。
“p45pistol,HKThe company designed a pistol designed for combat sectors and law enforcement teams,45ACPcaliber,Preciseness,Performance stability。Evolve”
Han Jiang’s face,good,very good。
Is the next time I gave me a universal sword.?!
Click Replenish again,Jin Guang appeared。
“Hat belonging to Otto,Give an Otto80Point in mind。Please use carefully”
Run to the bathroom to wash the handle,Sitting in the bed with a devout posture,Point。
“New red glasses frame。Give Guahua can improve10Point in mind。”
The next moment, Han Jiang is on the quilt.,Still can’t be sent out tomorrow.!

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