槐:Well,Do you know, I don’t know what I will do if two girls sleep together??

Depth:What will you do??
槐:Two boys went out to go shopping without hand handle,Two girls,Two boys will not take pictures,Two girls may,Two boys usually will not sleep a bed,Occasionally sleep, you will also be twisted on a bed.,Two girls http://www.shhongxiang.cn do not,I told you.,Girl meeting……
Depth:How often?
槐:I’m sleepy,about to sleep
Depth:You can’t sleep.……
Frightess,early morning。
Zhou Zhi to put pine cones in the stove,Flagon,He looked up to Zheng Yuki:“Nan Ge has not woken up yet??”
“She sleeps at my sleep last night.?Very late。”
“Not bothering you, right?”
“No……”Zheng Yulai shakes his head,But she is distinguished, one is not very good.,Folder Zhou also saw her secretly fighting。
“We talked for a long time last night.。”she says。
“What to talk about?”
“many,What is talking?。”
“Oh。”Nod,“She is like this,Talkative,More words,Interested everything,Come and catch all the days,I will never find Tian chat with her.。”
Breakfast is relatively simple,Is http://www.yiding2008.cn a pot of porridge,Fried an egg,There is also Zheng Yulan made of kimchi and minced beef pickage,In fact, it is also quite rich.。
Nan Ge hue yawned,Two three werehed,Sitting on the table。
Just eat a bite,The spirit is better。
“This egg is fried。”Nan Ge eyes bright crystalline,“Eggs fried than I eat delicious。”
“Maybe you use the male egg,Zheng Yuki uses the mother egg。”Zhou Zhi analysis of the reason behind。
“I know that it is a male egg or……”Nan Ge said yet,I realized that I was cold and neutralized.……Simply deceived too much!
Beautiful early morning begins with beating。
finish breakfast,Nan Ge and Zheng Yulai want to wash the head,Unfortunately, Zheng Yuki has a water heater.,No need to burn water。
Zhou sitting in the yard,Look at the mountain valley in Yunhai http://www.susongdanbao.cn Tumble,Small tray made with a wood and a few dogs playing back games,After a long time, two footsteps and speaking were sent.。
“How is your usual shear hair??”
“It’s all she cut.。”
“She cut oneself?Then you are too powerful!I also cut my hair.,But only cut Liuhai。”
“I am a mess。”Xiao Zheng girl can’t live。
“My hair is a bit long.,Liu Hai sometimes stabbed his eyes,I have been going to cut in the New Year.,The result is a final epidemic,Barber shop does not open the door。”Nan Ge complained。

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