“Nothing,You sleep yours for a while,I take care of my dad”Yao Chunni said very softly。

Wang Youcai looked at Yao Chunni so sensible,The uneasiness in his heart disappeared without a trace。Yao Chun’s daughter-in-law,Can be so dedicated to his father,He has no reason to be a son。
Wang Youcai asked Yao Chunni to move a chair and sit in front of him,The two chatted softly,We talked until twelve o’clock,This is Wang Youcai’s most patient chat,He admired how he could have such patience this time。
The weird thing is,Wang Degui lying on the hospital bed did not say a word。Seeing Yao Chunni’s face feel sleepy,Wang Youcai let her sleep in the nursing bed。
Yao Chunni http://www.chadegushi.cn didn’t refuse this time,Go to bed full of joy。Wang Youcai moved the chair to dad’s bed,Then he lowered his voice and said:“dad!I know you haven’t fallen asleep。You saw what the boss and second child did today,What do you say i should do?”
Wang Degui closed his eyes and moved,But still did not open。Wang Youcai sighed and said:“Since you keep silent,Don’t blame your son for being ruthless about this”
Wang Youcai finished,Then returned to the recliner。He vaguely felt,Dad knows everything,Just don’t want to speak。He explained tonight,If Dad opens his mouth to stop him,He will endure this,After all, they are all brothers。
But Dad didn’t say anything,Doesn’t he mean that this matter is up to him。Since this is the case,He has to break the fake pattern of their old Wang family。
Wang Youcai has been thinking about this problem,He almost fell http://www.wtxwifi.cn asleep at dawn。When Yao Chunni got up early to buy him breakfast,He barely opened his eyes。
Wang Degui does not want Yao Chunni to feed him,After all, Yao Chunni is his undocumented daughter-in-law,Rural people still a little bit evasive。
Wang Degui doesn’t want to eat,Then they have to eat。Actually, Wang Youcai was already hungry in his sleep。Yesterday’s lunch and dinner were eaten together,He is already hungry at this time。
When he and Yao Chunni were eating Zhengxiang,The second brother Wang Youdao and my mother Chen Yueqin are here。Wang Youcai has no brother,He didn’t even bother to take a look。Because he is angry,He thinks my old lady is a person of right and wrong。
Seeing Wang Youcai ignored him,Wang Youdao is still a little embarrassed。Chen Yueqin doesn’t think there is anything。She came to the bed,First wiped Wang Degui’s face http://www.etprj.cn and hands,Then he asked him what he wanted to eat。Of course,Yao Chunni has bought breakfast for Wang Degui,He can only say casually。
Because everyone is acquaintance,In addition, Wang Youdao is the relationship of leadership。As soon as the attending doctor goes to work, he urges the nurse to go through the discharge procedures for them。
Everything is in order,It can be said to be very smooth。Because of Wang Degui’s inconvenience,The doctor suggested selling him a wheelchair。
This is a very simple thing,But Wang Youdao can’t be the master,He also smiled and asked his old mother Chen Yueqin,See if this is necessary。

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