She sits down,Slim fingers gently portray his beautiful facial features,She likes less,Still a heart,Now,Still very much。

She likes him,Iron practice,Even if he does not appear again,Can also support her life。
In the early morning,子 靠 边 边 边。
Lu Qiran did a long dream,Dream is a blind,When I was a child, I was so happy in my dreams.。
Especially when she went to the river to find him that year,That little look,Pneumatic,Tie the horsetail wearing a princess dress,Really beautiful。
Especially when you laugh at him,Dew white tiny teeth,Silk silkworm,When she laughed,Push up,Presentible love pear nest,A pair of eyes are more beautiful。
Banquet,She chasing her,Nothing,Just always laugh,Then sent a gift to him。
He remembers,Gifts he did not lose,In his book, in the box in the dust。
Lu Yuli is a bit anxious,How can he give the swallow to his gift pile in the corner??
There are also one of the warmth of the morning and evening greetings.,When you change your phone,It seems to be lost.。
But he has clearly remembered those warmth words.。
Lu Qiran also dreams of his bad words of his wife.,Even in dreams,His mood is very bad。
Farm open eyes,Sunshine has been covered with the entire ward,Warm in the room。
Sunshine has some glare,Lu Lanran slowly closed his eyes。
Want to raise your hand to block the sun,But I found that his injured hand did not have a little strength.,Very heavy,Nothing at all。
His heart is tight,Is it a waste?。
He lifted another hand,Although there is not much strength,But this kind of ability, let him have a lot better.。
Flete disinfectant,Let him know that he is in the hospital。
Miaction,I saw the squatting that she asleep on the bed.,this moment,His heart is warm than the bright sunshine outside。
Swallows have been with him here.?
Nothing is more happy than a blink of your eyes.。
Lu Yuli smiled,Focus on the face of the squat,Fair,A soft black long hair covered half of the face,As the waterfall is scattered,Red lips are slightly open,Breathing uniform,Cute and soft。
He can’t help but laugh again.,His swallow is so good。
子,But after falling asleep,Nightmare。
Finally, she pushed down the scene that she couldn’t see the long-term phase.,She woke up。
An open eyes,Just a pair of laughs of a smile,Gentle water。
“Swallow,Woke up。”Slightly hoarse sound hidden in joy。
“you’re awake。”子 惊 的 身。
Compared to Lu Yuliu,She is more happy。
Lu Yuli laughed:“Woke up。”
The scorpion suddenly looked at him.:“Is there anything uncomfortable??Let the doctor come over to see you.。”
Lu Yuli shook his head:“fine,It is the arm to lift it.,I will find a doctor for a while.。”
The scorpion is stunned on his injured arm.,Doctors say that they may be disabled。
But now it is not sure,Also look at the restoration situation。

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