Anyway, there is a small emperor with a small emperor.,It’s time to completely say that you are undercover.。

For them, they are concerned.,These are normal operations.。
And the minister just sent out the intelligence,That is to inform yourself in the uprising army partner。
“Emperor has been chaotic,Lion weakness,Can be launched to go straight to the empire!”
Night, let him escape,The minister will naturally not let the night look good.。
I am acting in the army,Now that it is still fighting with the national god,I believe that I am afraid of invincible“Andro”It must also consume a lot now。
As long as this time the uprising army launches the general attack,That’s afraid“Andro”It must not be able to resist the uprising army of many cadres,I can only drink hate。
However, the minister thinks very well,But the night is not a general consumption in his expected.。
Can only say this world’s war,It’s too ordinary.,That is afraid of standing,In fact, it is OK.。
Want to rely on Borde with the national god,Prepare a lot of combat capability,Undoubtedly an idiotic dream。
Secretary of the minister who sent the information,Also leave the palace along the math,He needs home to organize the line。
Waiting to the Junan to occupy the emperor,He just takes half of the wealth,Just as a new importance。
“Minister, you can let me be good.,Brand has been waiting for you.。”
When the minister secretly touched it back to the government,But I have encountered a person who is unexpected.,That is the previous missing Brand。
Brand, who was thrown out of the man,Finally, the night is sent back.,I have been in the past.。
Now I am now here.,It is also because of the mission of the night.。
All guards in the family have been solved by Brand.,I didn’t expect the minister to send the door.。
Looking at Brande,The minister’s expression is sight,But still squeezing a disgusting smile。
“It turned out to be Brand,You may have misunderstood you since.,In fact, I am also a member of the Junjun.。
Previous behavior,They are all have to do,Because I need to let the empire go faster to decline,We are all friendly.!”
If the minister explains, I haven’t finished it.,Brand has long been impatient.,Directly to the biggest cancer of this emperor。
Looking at it in the blood,This once one hand,Brewing the culprit of countless tragedy。
Brand said slowly:“it is a pity,I have long been not a member of the uprising army.,I am just revenge for my companions.!”
The insurrection army’s disposal of Najie,Night is naturally impossible to tell Brand。
and“Night attack”Other people,After being learned,Brand is completely cold in the uprising army。
And just learned from the minister,There are still people to collude with ministers.,This makes Brande anger unstormizes。
It can be said that the minister has just just,It’s exactly more,If he doesn’t say he is with the relationship between the army,Brand is not fixed, not anger,Maybe you will leave a night’s disposition。
But now everything is late.,The most powerful person,At this time,I have nothing to do.。
And the battle of the palace,Also gradually entering white heat。
The emperor’s use of the consequences“Guard”Secret skills“Clear model”,The whole person began to be eroded by the emperor,Also completely lost ingredients。
And the appearance of the guardian gods has gradually drainage,Changes to the morphology of super dangerous species。

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