However,Shen Xuan is a bite.,Even the game has retired。

With his current strength,Play this game,That is bullying,After all, the strength has already exceeded a level.,Punching this technology,It is like a college student to play with primary school students.,No challenging!
“Xuan Ge,Your technology does not play career,Really unfortunately!”
Wu Xiuxiu sighs,Say:“if you are willing to,It is estimated that the world champion is yours.。”
“Yeah yeah,World champion is at hand,Xuan Ge,Do you want to consider?”
Xue Qing is also a chamber,Just asked a sentence,Looking at Shen Xuan。
world champion?
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Put on,His interesting to this so-called world championship。 In the true world of the world,World Championship playing games,It is estimated that it is not possible.!
It’s just a false name.!
And still the lowest grade!
“never mind,I am not interested in this,Occasional entertainment is fine.,If you do a post,Will be more interesting。”
Shen Xuan slightly,Refused this proposal。
Xue Qing and Wu Xiuxiu’s mouth are big,I don’t know what to say.。
For the average person,Take a TV game world champion,That is also Guang Zong Yaozu,Even a world-famous big happiness,Can reach Xuan brother’s mouth,But it’s not interesting.。
“Xuan brown,Really, I have always worshiped Xuan Ge!”
“As long as Xuan brother is willing,District World Championship!”
“After all, Xuan Ge is a person who kills the whole service.,I have to admire the five-body investment in the blue hole.!”
“Xuan Ge,Then what do you think is interesting??”
Xue Qing asked a sentence。
“That is to let people around the world eat me vegetables.,That is the most proud of。”
Shen Xuan said faintly。
That’s it?
Xue Qing and Wu Xiu Xiu heard this,All blame,Subsequent weird,It’s really strange,A good youth,How can I have this idea??
It seems that it is a little bit of a little one.!
“Hahaha,This ideal of Xuan Ge is really very wonderful.,Unlike the average person!”
“Anyway, I am the first person who heard this idea.!”
“Xuan brown,Really unreasonable!”
“Xuan brother is good,We have to eat your vegetables!”
People in live broadcast laugh all。
“What is your laugh?!”
Shen Xuan looked at the live broadcast room,Say:“I am a vegetable,The average person really can’t eat!”
“Yup,Xuan Ge’s vegetable taste is really good,You can’t eat,Is your loss。”
Xue Qingli is attached and said。

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