Later, Liu Chen didn’t want to kill him and Liu Qingqing.。

The answer given by Liu Qingqing is,Liu Chen wants to get the property of his grandfather。
Because of his foreign public,Will leave the property to the future son-in-law。
And Liu Chen is killing him and Liu Qingqing,Just want to get those property。
Summer at the time was very surprised,At the same time, there are some doubts。
In his opinion,Take Liu Chen’s huge assets in Sieni,It seems that there is no need to be greedy Li Jia’s property.。
The later encounter confirmed his point of view。
After he returned to China,Liu Feifei also tries to kidnap the Yunno,After being rescued by the summer,But Liu Feifei also has a secret。
Changan Li Jia,Know the fall of heaven。
Heavenly Treasure is not stranger in some specific circles。
on the contrary,Many of today’s forces are in secret inquiries。
Soleum Treasure,It refers to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom left two treasures.,But now is a mystery。
Many people are searching,the most important reason,It is the exact news,Respected ring,Yin and yang,Gathering,Heilo,Both of Heaven。
Now Xia Xue asked these,Don’t she know the secret of Li Jia??
“Uh,The old willow is with me a few times.,How about my sister?Is there anything wrong??”
Summer snow’s look is difficult to describe the weird。
She deeply saw a summer summer,Face complex to the extreme,Slowly open。
“Due to the moon,You are out of school,I was vigorously cultivated by your father.,Ready to take over Lingyun Group。”
Summer face is gradually serious,So there is a touch。
Xia Xue also,“When I completely control Lingyun Group,His is very happy,Drink a little more,Then talk to you,He said that the husband is not a wife,Isn’t it lost?,Large to find another,Then he started to count some families of each known.,Among them, the granddaughter of Changan Li Jia。”
Summer is not coming,Under the way,“and then?”
“Then he fell to his finger,Contrast the woman who speaks,Finally, I feel that the grandfather of Changan Li family is the most suitable.,Then he gone,Said to give you a relative,Waiting for you to come back,Send you a beautiful wife”
Time in mind,Various thoughts
This chapter is not over,Please turn the page
Suddenly,What did he think of?,Picking with a few points,“sister,You say that he will not”
“You think too much。”
Xia Xue’s face is also bleak,“When he checked out,Already the late stage of gastric cancer,I have been keeping around him.,It is also the funeral of my personality.”
It seems unwilling to talk about this heavy topic,Swift,“This also blames me not to understand at the time.,Just in the chat, I learned that Liu Qingqing’s grandfather is Chang’an Li Jia.,Ugh,In fact, I am most satisfying or the moon,Secondly, Su Xiaoxia,Maybe it is true.,You actually encountered Liu Qingqing”
God willing?
Don’t believe in the sky in summer,I don’t think there is a coincidence for no reason.。
Character,There will be a inevitability。
But look from the surface,There is no vulnerability,It seems really coincidence。
If you must find a slice of doubts,That is the attitude of Liu Qingqing Grandpa。
At the time, in the ward met the first time,The old man gave him a phase.,Very satisfied,And the attitude is extremely hot。
Just because the summer is the military。

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