“But in the Northeast City,Shengjia fell to the uppermost family。”Zero zero。

Yun Qin nod,Secret。
“This seems to be,Shengjia’s right thing,Still http://www.art0372.cn comparative。”
Zero zero one‘Come over’Look,road:“Hi,this world,Which human beings will not be in this thing??!only,Sheng family is even more!”
“Small molecule,can not tell,You look at it is quite transparent.?!”Yunqin 瞟 瞟。
“Whee,so far so good!”Zero is sorry。
“you say,If they know,I have always been forwarded.,It’s hard to get something,In front of the child who is abandoned by them,It is easy to get it.,And can be discarded,Will they regret vomiting blood?”Yun Qin means deep road。
“??”Zero zero。
“what do you mean,Let Yan Youjiang worshiped with you,Then you as a master of Miss,Go to them in front of them,Let them only look at Yan Youjiang,But I will never get it.,Can only hate the teeth?”Zero zero。
According to the degree of worship of Yunqin in these years,If he let him come to Yunqin,Let Yunqin’s Miss Yan,That is completely no problem。
Thus,Do you have a few sisters who will hate tooth??!
Yunqin speechless 瞟 零 零 零,“It is what I want to revenge.,Why do you want to pull Yan Youjiang??Didn’t,I can’t revenge.?”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS323chapter Master23
Zero zero,Does the prospective are not very careless??Since this,From Yan Youjiang,Can you not make Sheng family uncomfortable??!
“Then what do we want to do??”
Yunqin mysterious smile,“You will know tomorrow.。”
She decided,Revenue the grand family,Prepare from tomorrow!Just,It takes time to come in North China.。
Zero zero,Looking at Yunqin,Still。
but,Since Yun Qin said it will know tomorrow.,I want to know tomorrow.,It is not anxious!
Finish,Yunqin closed eyes,Start to sleep。Zero http://www.hlddh.cn zero directly back to space。
North Sea room,I haven’t need to sleep in the North Section of sleep.‘Insomnia’NS,It’s not going to sleep.。
These few years,Sleeping every night with Yunqin,It has developed the habit of sleep at night.,Now Yunqin is not,Not only can’t sleep,and,I always feel that there is less。
The North Sea knows,There is no small guy in his arms.。
Think,Can’t help but laugh。This habit,It seems to be changed.。
No, I can’t sleep anyway.,North Fuko is not sleeping,Sit up meditation。
midnight,North Hand opened his eyes,Think about it,Still get up,Open the door out。
North Short,It’s the room of Yunqin。
Looking at the little people who have slept,Sit in the North Sea to bedside,Quiet look for a long time,Leaving。
In the early morning,Sleeping Yunqin brush opened his eyes,A fire in the http://www.lfxajt.cn space,Wake up zero zero to sleep。
“Yun Qin,How did you wake up so early??”Zero zero hue,Stretching big lazy waist asking。
Yunqin moves quickly dress up,Start packing things。
“Time is almost,We have to start acting。”Yun Qin, pick up the things。
“what?action?Go to the grand revenge??But,Isn’t the time yet??”Zerocent spirit,Disqualify。
“Just time,We can prepare first。”Yunqin will packed up to put into the Qiankun bag gave to the North,Lake up。
Zero rushing:“Then we are going to go??What should I do in the North??”
Yunqin’s thoughts on the North,It is very clear,Now I am willing to take the initiative to leave this person.?!It’s hard to confuse it.!

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