However,When she is breathed to open up,Not help。

She just drives out,Seeing summer,I parked the car on the side of the road.。
But at this moment,Your own car,It is around a group of people。
Because in front of her car,A white car,That is a Rolls-Royce who knows the king of the car.。
But this car is not ordinary Rolls Royce,But Wei Shado Deng Shun Shuangshui。
Front of the car,Youth leaning against a hand holding flowers,Several black bodyguards。
Youth Jono 278 years old,Tough body shape,Shui, handsome, handsome,Anime,Carefully,Temperament。
When Chu Feng is wrong,Handsome youth also saw her。
Now,Young people holding flowers is immediate over the sunny smile,Welcome to。
at the same time,I don’t know what the low is said.,One of the bodyguards move toward the right side。
Chu Feng did not pay attention,There are three bodyguards here.,Be around a person。It is summer。
NS515chapter 大 术 reproduction
Rolls Rolls,A large group of people。
These people have tourists around the world,There are also local residents,Even young people with a lot of temperament。
“Blooming modern,Hong Kong City is only one,Is it a family of Zhou……Weekly?”
“It is definitely him,One of Hong Kong City,It is also one of Zhou family’s successors.。”
“Isn’t it exposed to gossip?,Rewarding him in pursuing Chu’s goddess……hiss!Is it a goddess of Chu’s family??”
“Giants,Doctor,What is strange?。”
Those tourists are unclear,But the local people in Hong Kong have heard about more than one similar gossip.。
Now look at your own eyes,Immediately understand those rumors are true。
“Why is he here?”
See Zhou Qianlu,Chu Feng wrinkled。
She has no feelings about this flower.,Some time ago, I was in front of the media to pursue myself.,Later, I became a hot discussion.。
I don’t want to think about it.,She is going to leave。
Can just turn,Suddenly,I saw the summer of the crowd standing on the edge of the crowd.,Improved smile。
Humph,Still found。
“A Phoenix,I wanted to go to your home to find you.,I didn’t expect to see your car halfway.,I guess you know that you are in your heart.,Hahaha。”
Zhou Millennia’s cheeks hook like a smile of bathing,One side,I am angry far away.。
Especially when I saw Chu Feng, the cheeks of the cold and clear and clear, suddenly laughed.,Zhou Qianye。
no surprise。
I have worked hard for half a year.,Calculate the reward。

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