“Gill you really hurt,If it is not a scorpion?,You will make people think of non-non-wrong。”

“Maybe you will make you as a colorful wolf.。”
Liu Yanfeng said,Mushing bamboo poles into the water。
Then let Li speak on the wind。
“Let it go,I take you to see it.。”
Li Hui said that the other party said,It is also straightforward。
Liu Yufeng originally thought that Li Hui Feng will focus on,Then she will have some other opportunities。
But when I saw Li Hui’s balance, when I was so good?,She also changed the idea.。
Stand up the bamboo pole,Backward,Then draw up。
“breeze,Take a look at the crabs in this water,This head should be pre-sold.?”
“Um,Indeed,I will call it on the shore.,No need for pre-sale,Let’s sell it directly.,However, this year’s crab market price is,Do you understand??”
“Why don’t you understand?
When I go to buy a feed,It is clear that it is very clear.。”
“I feel that the price can be doubled this year.,I heard that other places pollution is powerful.,The scale of cultured crabs is also reduced a lot.,It is good to have any pollution.,So far more crabs,The price is definitely expensive,But what is the specific price, still wants to receive。”
Li Huihe heard this,Also nodded。
And Liu Yufeng is also seen in front of the grasslands.,The heart is even more bold,Directly in the reeds。
“Scull,We can expand the scale in this lotion.,Do you want to continue to expand any more??”
Li Hui http://www.jinxingrq.cn is still a small scale.,Some hotels selling with the demon,And not only,It is Zheng Tiancheng that is also a big demand.,Since river is invincible death,The whole Huashan City hotel is also a big shuffle。
Zheng Tiancheng also took advantage of this opportunity to jointly occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain in Huashan City.。
Cheng Chu is more directly to the shore。
These things are all understanding,However, because he is also very busy.,So I didn’t go to the other side.。
Can expand the scale??
if it is possible,The scorpion is definitely willing,But is it necessary to invest a lot of money expansion?”
“Hey-hey,The problem of money is not worried,You just need to help me manage it.,How about it?”
“Um,Management is naturally no problem,I am familiar with these.。”
Say,The bamboo raft is http://www.mmyibao.cn also slowly entered the reeds.。
“Scull,Location is not biased?”
Entered the reeds,Li Hui Feng is also a bit。
“breeze,子 想 商 事 事。”
When I said this,Liu Yanfeng is also slowly barely close to Li with the wind.。
That pair is more filled with emotions.。
“Forehead,Scull,What do you have?,I can help the affirmation。”
Now Li Xiangfeng is no longer the impressive little boys.,He already understands too much,Naturally, I can also feel the meaning of Liu Yanfeng’s eyes.。
“breeze,The scorpion wants to repay you.,is it okay?”

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