Waiting for the next place,Then commit together,As long as the game content is no problem,Passing problems。”

Chapter 146 Wang always kidding
I knew it,Looking for him to be right!
Wang traffic listening to the heart,The biggest difficulty in game operation is approval,As long as you can’t have problems,The rest is good.。
“Wen Yong, I will try him for him to say hello.,icLicense this piece,I can pay you.,Come,I first respect you a cup。”Wang traffic enthusiastic invitation。
“Small matter,Help no problem,But don’t take a broken game to pit me.。”Liao Zhongwei to play a cup,Put down the wine glass,I have a joke.。
“rest assured,That can’t be。”Wang traffic self-confident。
although《legend》Is a plagiarized cottage goods,Production is also crude,Really hired,But the world can spread all over the country,At least no problem on the content properties,I can’t open him.。
Pause,Wang Flow asked:“After the filing is taken,What are the processes in the next step??”
“That is simple.,Looking for the manufacturer to buy a machine to build an operation server,Then find a telecom company to access the broadband。
Buy machines to do yourself,I can’t help it.,However, this piece of Telecom is also owned by me.,I can help you take a head.,Congratulations with the Municipal Telecom Company,Give you a discount price。”Liao Zhongwei laughed。
Wang Liuxin:“That feeling.,I will stay with you in advance.,Waiting for a word, people keep inform me.,I am on call.。”
“rest assured,I will handle it。”Liao Zhongwei guarantees a sentence,Then talk again:“But I can only help this.,I don’t understand how I will do it.,I have to watch yourself.。”
Wang Flow easy:“It’s ok,Can help here is enough,The rest of my own。”
Hyperiture,Broadband, he can also take a bridge,The rest is nothing more than daily maintenance operations,The recruiting thing is,This is a little thing。
Wang Zhi Xin Dust servant comes back,Enter the company,Let’s go to the king to report a road.,Hand in the contract,You will drop the glass of water.,A breath is filling,Then Long Shu Yao:
“Comfortable,Still, our water is habit,That is a proxy contract,You look at it yourself.,Wait two days,South Korea will send someone,Help us build a server,And responsible for providing technical support。”
Wang traffic nodded,Side sweeping an eye contract,Margin:“In the early days, they sent people to come to help guide,It is convenient to be very convenient.,But you can’t pay attention to them.,Let’s have to cultivate technical talents.,Beneficially disconnected http://www.yiya123123.cn technical support,Card our neck。”
Past life grand and《legend》parent companyactoz,Therefore, there is a contradiction,《legend》Fire all over the country,Grand earned pot,butactozCan only look at it,Natural imbalance in my heart,So the technical support is considered,Requires grand to increase agency fees and divide。
Sheng Da Nature does not agree,Contract,Have a bottom,So cutly refused。
andactozLimited to contract conventions,Although I can’t tell people to withdraw,But you can make a trick,Putting in the game、bugAnd other issues,Handling,Leading the game,bugUnexpected。
Shanda was tortured,I finally simply developed a high-imitation legendary game.——《Legendary world》,Import players into the new game,Strip itactozBind to yourself。
andactozNatural heart is unwilling,A paper complaint made grand gods,The lawsuit once http://www.dnscname.cn tied for ten years.,Although I haven’t delayed money,But think about it is also trouble。
What you have happened,Wang Liu naturally absorbs lessons,Prepare。
“Visit this piece you are responsible,First formulate the team first,In the future, I’ve been caught my neck.,Let’s go herself。”
Wang Zhi new nodded:“no problem,I will put the team as soon as possible.。”
“in addition,Server this piece you go to contact,What are the manufacturers?,What offer is it?。”Wang Liu told。
Said that it is over,Also think of:“Besides,Let’s go to understand,What are the game issuers in China?,How much is the agent issuance?。”
company、server、Broadband is well formed,Next, I was released on the game.。
The company just established,There is no own distribution channel yet,Looking for a person agent is the only choice。
Wang http://www.qmysl.cn Zhixin promised:“knew,I have a piece。”
Distinguished Wang Zhixin,The king is not idle,Go to register the company first,The name is before I think.:Tiansheng Network。
At the same time, I greeted by Wen Yan chess.,To him with the cultural bureau,Approval of convenience network version。
Then, Liao Zhongwei, there was news.,He is grateful to the old man of the city telecommunications company.,About Wang flows out,Introduction to him。
hotel,In the box。

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