“Small nine!When did you come back?”Zheng Yao came over。

“Six brother,I just went to Chongqing and reported it to the work.!”
“Small nine!There is only three people in our brothers.!”Zheng Yao first said to rub your tears,He is really sad,Because they are all anti-Japanese heroes,They are sacrificing for the country。
No matter what they are comrades,But they are definitely worthy of respectful 铮 骨 中 中 好 男。
NS844chapter Revenge for comrades
Like Shen Hongzhang, he only knew that only his clothing is installed.,Because his body did not find,Xu Jia has only give him a coronary。
Rui Rui’s identity and face are now bigger than Xu Baichuan and Zheng Yao,I heard that the middle will kill the gods.,There are also many people to give gifts.,It seems to hang Shen Hongzhang,In fact, I want to have a ritual.,Because it is obvious that this gang is sent to the hand。
Just these gifts will give Shen Jia as a pension,Rui Rui and Xu Baichuan、Zheng Yao also delayed the funeral after discussing the foundation,Turning is also very filial piety,More people come out this news,I have been waiting until the night, I have the opportunity to have a chance to follow Zheng Yao.,The two said that Lu Hanqing and Cheng Zhener’s things。
“Six brother,I am not reminding you to let them leave Chongqing??”
Rui Rui is indeed a reminder,Zheng Yao said with tears:“Why didn’t I tell them?,Canola Hanqing is my single line contact,He doesn’t want to leave for me.,Cheng Zhener is one of the comrades that we are involved in Chinese.,She doesn’t want to give up,Plus now that they stay in this period,Organization has not let them evacuate。”
“Then how do you sacrifice you??”
“Lu Hanqing was missing after several days before she found his body.,He is criminal injury,There is no good place to get up and down.!Cheng Lei is a car accident,I probably know who is dry,I am verifying。”
Zheng Yao said with a slight tremble when he said.,Tears are included in the eyelids,He is a strong tolerance,Qi Rui knows that Lu Hanqing and Cheng Zhener are his most pro,Because only see them, he knows who he is.。
“Six brother,This matter is handed over to me.,I must give them two avengers.。”Rurious and more angry,The devil has not run yet.,This begins to wave the butcher knife,
“Small nine,This thing do you do,I want to revenge for them personally.!”Zheng Yao always keeps up his head but tears or does not control the traffic, there is some 哽噎。
Rui Rui and hold the hand of the six brothers:“Six brother,I will help you check it out.!”
Zheng Yao shook his head first:“Small nine,This matter is not simple,I doubt that the other party is intentional.,What can they find out?,Because I often meet with Lu Hanqing,And I personally know that I am pursuing Cheng Zhener.,I have harmed them.!”
“The meaning of the six brothers is a http://www.zhengxingguanye.cn circle,You are worried that Lu Hanqing and Cheng Zhener’s identity have exposed,At this time, if you are too adherent to this, it is likely to expose.!”Ritual,
“Small nine,Lu Hanqing was killed by the criminal injury,This thing is definitely not military dry,Only Chinese can do it out,You will come back this time because of this.?”Rui Rui is so busy,He also just returned to Chongqing,I shouldn’t know the things of Lu Hanqing and Cheng Zhener.。
“Six brother,I am from Yan’an.,I also said your business with the first director.,This only knows the news they sacrificed.,The head of the No. 5, let me investigate their cause。”
“The action you rule in the battle is over.?”Zheng Yao first asked,
“Six brother,In these two years, I killed a lot of war criminals.,There are more than 100 million people in our country.,I can’t http://www.fenquanfengguan.cn finish me.,There are still a few days of small devils to surrender,Since I have come to Chongqing,Directive action to let the team do,Let me revenge two comrades。”
Since it is an organization part to investigate the matter,Zheng Yao is not good to stop,Say:“Ok,But what you have to do must know that I will。”
“This is certain!”
“Small nine,How many people have you brought??”Zheng Yao first asked,
“Come with me only Wen Qian and Snow,Song Jian、Tang Rui should have arrived in two days。”
Qi Rui has already sent it to the team,Song Jian, they will protect the blue car.、Li Xiao male, several of them go to Yan’an,Then go to Chongqing to meet,The list of lurkers with the discussion of the boss is already set,This plan has also begun to implement。
Zheng Yao first looked at the whispered around:“Small nine,I am http://www.yaliliangjing.cn very familiar with people.,Snow and Wen Qian are certainly don’t know,Help me stare at the head of the people now。”
“give it to me!For so many years, I have never hit the people with Chinese people.,For them, we are the existence of the mystery.,But I don’t know much about them.,So I need high-profile information。”Ritual,
“The information is back, I will give you,However, people who know that Chinese will definitely know you.,They will also investigate the people around you.,Don’t be very good,Don’t read Chinese。”Zheng Yao reminded,
“I know。”
The next day, I gave Shen Hongzhang a crown.,The funeral is very busy because of the ritual arrival,After the banquet, Xu Baichuan and Zheng Yao first sent people to help Shenjia.,Rui Rui is the investigation of the leader of the center with Su Wenqian and Fu Yingxue.。
Originally, Cheng Zhen is dead in this person.,Su Wenqian and Fu Ying Xue have used some means to catch two high-and-money dragons.,I use them to treat Lu Hanqing’s way to find it is a Gao Zhanlong.,Just because they found that he is close to Zheng Yao first.,And also found that Lu Hanqing has a common party suspect。
I learned from their mouth, I learned that the six brothers thought the Chinese special agent and this high-level dragon.,They just suspect that Lu Hanqing is a common party,So I also want to confirm that Zheng Yao first is a common party to remove him.。
Killing and Hanqing is indeed a deliberate,Just want to see the response of Zheng Yao,The murder is because she learned that Lu Hanqing was pursued to notify Zheng Yao。
At that time, the bones of the bones couldn’t let Zheng Yao first knew that Lu Hanqing was in his own hands.,So I will send people to drive her.,Because he already knows that Cheng Zhener’s surface refuses Zheng Yao first,In fact, I have already been in the heart.,Gao Zhan Dragon does not allow you to eat the enemy’s devil six。
The two of the two of Gao Zhanlong were handled by Su Wenqian and Fu Ying.,Qi Rui told the results of this survey to Zheng Yao first,Ask:“Six brother,How do you plan to handle a high-profile dragon??”

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