Buns wearing a black sling skirt,Estate skin special white,It seems that there is no military training。

Zhouzhi ignored a lot of people who saw him and Nan Ge sat together.,He hesitated,Twist:“In fact, I believe what you said.,I believe you。”
Nan Ge is oblique to his eyes.,Not sound。
Zhou Zhi from the brain tonic Nange will take the head,Sprinkle screen,Pause,He put his hand into your pocket,Pull out a few pie:“I heard that it is the specialty of colorful clouds.,It’s not bad。”
Nan Ge stared at him,Staring for him for a long time,I took the flowers.,A big brother:“Explain me。”
“He is not me!”
Nan Ge is aiming for an eye bag,Recently,Lower sound:“I found that you are not right.,Many places are not,The least right place is to fight with the instructor,Your person,Chicken does not dare to kill……”
Zhou I think she is a horse。
But I have to have a head on the surface.:“correct……”
Lift your eyes,Aiming in the eyes,槐 正 若 木,I want to reflect on my own camouflage skills.。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 79 Salted fish will choose salty fish positions
“correct,I have already finished the photos.。”Sound of the buns next to it,“Not all repaired,I have picked a few repairs.,Waiting for laterQQSend it to you?”
“become,Thanks a lot!”Nan Ge said。
“Thank you。”Zhou also said。
“You’re welcome。”The buns are paused,Also see,“My dad told me to send a photo to your mother.。”
“OK,sorry to bother you。”
“Um?”Nange,There is still a sputum in your mouth,The eyes are 巴 支,“Why do you ask me??”
“There is you in the photo。”
“You pick a few pieces, no, I don’t have it.。”
“Every piece has you。”
“Oh?Is it?”
“Yes。”Pinny,This will‘Every photo is pulled by the week.’This thing forgot,This makes her some skeptical brain capacity of this roommate.。
http://www.xsd-space.cn “Interesting……”Nange noddard。
Zhou Qianqian’s voice horizontal,Decibel,But the penetration is very strong。
The classroom is quiet.。
Zhou Qianqian framed,A big biscuit is squeezed out of a good smile,she says:“Congratulations on the end of the military training,Say goodbye to the hard and difficult time,But I feel that you have a very fulfilling,Especially the male team,right?Wenye Huaji Economics College and the Sister of Foreign Language College,Wu as a football field,Physical Academy does not dare to grab your site……”
Zhou Qianqian donated,Joyful:“Our Physical Center has not so long for many years.!”
Yu Guangyi,She saw Zhou Zhihe and Li Nan sitting in a piece,But she did not ridicule them.,go on:“Universal,What is the meeting today is the class committee,Then talk about things。The http://www.iyuhuashi.cn leaders of the hospital stressed,Let me talk about safety things,Don’t appear in the case of fighting。I am coming.。”
“First class commission。”
“I tell our class system.。”

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