“Inference according to what you said,Xiaoyi to the execution secret mission,He should not call casually,You can play this plan,Is there any problem with Chen Xia??”Zheng Yao first asked,

“Chen Xia no problem,This girl is very intelligent,Her eyes were cured by the Japanese,As long as she understands is the use of the little devil, it should be cooperated.,In addition, I have let Song Jian to find Chen Shan to launch.,I believe that Chen Xia saw Chen Yos or Chen Laojiao will believe us.。”
“That’s good,I will take you to call!”
Zheng Yao first with a temporary contact point to Nanjing Station.,The phone is applying for long distance business,Rui Rui is here to open the phone of Shanggong Museum with a small day.,After running out,This contact point will immediately discard。
“Scubarator!Is there anything in the official hall??”Rui Rui imitating a small day to white voice,
“curator!There is nothing important in the museum.,Are you not busy over there??”
“Also need some time,How is Chen Xia recently showed?”
“Everything is smooth,Chen Xia found a secret station,It is speculated that it may be a common party,But these two days have no work,So we have http://www.xinqinn.cn been waiting。”
“Supered,You immediately took Chen Xia to Nanjing,I will send someone to the train station to pick you up.,There is a very important thing here, you need your assistance.!If you can do it,I may soon I will go back to the public hall.!”
“curator,Do you let us go now??”
“Yes,Take the first train came to Nanjing,The sooner the better!This is related to the future of our mansion yet!Scubarator!please!”
“Hayi!I’ll be starting!”
“Supered!Do not tell anybody you come to Nanjing。”
Taro Adachi hung on the small day to confirm Blanc’s voice is no doubt,Nanjing is also to long-distance,So he did not doubt that call,Immediately sent to buy tickets,Chen Xia and then took two men to the train station。
With SONG Jian Fu Yingxue、Tang Rui、Tan Lin、Ming Taiwan split up,Tang Rui is still responsible http://www.caihlj.cn for monitoring mansion,OK Taro Adachi hung and Chen Xia leave,Table at the train station and other news to buy train tickets,SONG Jian Chen has got a keepsake from the hill,Tan Lin is a contract with Chen Mountain and Zhang to open two cars to Kunshan.。
Fu Yingxue,Song Jian,Tang Rui also has a train in the train.,Taro Adachi hung with Chen Xia also take a carriage。
Waiting for the train is coming in Kunshan,Chen Xia Fu Yingxue go to the toilet when ordered hands,SONG Jian and Tang Rui shot will be followed by two agents of the unconscious Chen Xia,Fu Ying Salary Chen Xia whispered:“Chen Xia,Your brother Chen Shan let us save you,Fast walking with us!”
Chen Xia good eyes the first thing is to see my brother,But male Taro Adachi has been coaxed she said as long as the station is found position,Will let her see,So http://www.theboke.cn long finally had her brother’s message,Hurry:“Where is my brother Chen Mountain??”
Fu Ying snow stuffed the letter to her hand:“He is now waiting for you,Go away,Otherwise, you will never see your brother and Chen Laowei.!!”
Fu Ying Xue said that Chen Xia arrived in the trains from the car.,Song Jian,Tang Rui and Table are covered back,Several people quickly leave the railway to drill into the woods。
He Ji Tau said that Chen Xia was taken away when he was taken away.,He immediately took out the gun and shouted and jumped off the car.,But by the Terrace and Tang Rui。
The devil’s gendarmerie listened to the movement of the car,Contact the surrounding army,Fu Ying Xue and others have escorted Chen Xia to find Chen Yam and Tan Lin.,Several people quickly got two cars。
Song Jian,Tang Rui,There is also Tan Lin to open a car back to Shanghai.,Chen Shan and Zhang have rushed to Suzhou direction。
Chen Xia saw Zhang Mushan, Chen Mountain,Fu Yingxue said to Chenshan:“Your father, we have arranged a person to send to Suzhou.,You can’t return to Shanghai with you.,Hurry with your sister and my father to Chongqing.。”
NS667chapter Group leaders can send me a helper
This is coming very sudden,Song Jian is looking for him to save his sister Chen Xia.,Chen Mountain still doesn’t know what happened.,Refer to Jiu Ge Rui and Xu Baichuan,He remembers what people who have encountered in Chongqing.。
“It turns out that you are people who kill the gods.!”Chen Mountain said,
“We guarantee that you have saved your sister Chen Xia.,I have done it now,Hurry and take your sister,Don’t think anything else。”Fu Yingxue said to the left:“Do you want to go back to Chongqing with them??”
“I……”Zhang Huahai is to fight for Chen Yam and use him to get information.,Now he leaves,What can you do if you leave?,Now Shanghai people can know that she is already Chenshan’s wife.,Because this is a newspaper。
“Yu Xiaowei will not return to Chongqing for the time being.,If you have to find her, I can walk with me.,Now she is with tailor。”Fu Yingxue said,
Tailor is the organization to send dandelion.,I haven’t been there yet.,Rui Rui rescued Chen Xia,Let the tailors who are now with Tang Manqing Chen River is free from difficult,The radio stared on these days of Chen Xia is tailoring Chen River.。
Zhang from this only sure the girl in front of him is my own comrades.,Do you want her how to know tailor?,Hurry:“I also want to see tailor。”

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