“The person here is the hand of Canocian?”Han Jiang’s testicity asked。

Thundermallow13Year of the year,LoseMEThe location of the social director does not say,It also affected the disaster of jail。
The buds became a third law at the plan of Canocia.,And the thunderous dragon horse is framed in front,The two conflicts may be related to that plan.。
“What do you know??”Thundermond dragon horses becomes cold,This kid knows that there is a bit more。
“When I came, I saw the internal information of life.,Cocalaran is constantly laising people around the world in order to expand their forces.,Temasek is a goal of her,I just want to confirm here and you.。”
Thunder, Longma staring at Hanjiang, don’t talk,Han Jiang paused and continued to say。
“Data inside the life show,exist2013You have a fight with Cocalaia,She plannedMEsociety,So I want to verify from you here.,Is the information?。”
Thundermallow’s eyes have fallen,“Shenzhou City, Hanjiang,8Enter San Fu Raoya School,It is more than four months to grow from an ordinary person.BLevel female Wushen,There is also a lot of secrets on your body.。”
“I am the talent,No secret,I know is also in the natural database.BLevel public information,Who wants to check it?。”Han Rong began to jeopardize。
“Did you know??”Thunder dragon。
Hanjiang nodded:“I am also very confident on the control of the crack.。”
The thundermary dragon horses are thrown in Han Jiang Huayi.:“Pull it out to injection into the crack!”
Han Jiang took a plasma show,Like the left hand throwing the right hand,Right hand throw left http://www.bcaofan.cn hand。
“hurry up。”
The sheath of the plasma shadow is full of mechanical style,Hanjiang handles hands in the handle to pull out a little bit。
Plasma shadow show light blue blade exudes rays,Just holding in your hand, I feel the cold of the bones.。
This is the highest masterpiece of thundermond,In the cognition of Hanjiang,If there is no deception in the game。
Plasma shadow can ice seal,Then it is using this era technology to make the strongest weapon.。
When Hanjiang began to inject the criminal energy into the blade,Surrounded by the plasma shadow,White frost appears on the grass around the grass。
“continue,Accelerate injection speed!”Thundermond dragonfly。
Han Jiang does not dare to listen to orders,Increase the amount of injection of the crane,The collapse of the next moment, the collapse http://www.fsjllt.cn of the Hanjiang body can start a thousand miles,This scene seems to be seen。
Worth with the last use of the hidden soul,Hanjiang’s heart is spectile,No more worried。
Thundermond Longma observed Hanjiang’s reaction,If this kid is really a talented,He and the buds are not so annoying.。
The plasma show is the weapon he made.,Its power and cracking can be very clear.。
If this kid can be placed like a plasma show,So maybe you can replace yourself around the side of the buds.。
A chapter
That is no accident,I will go to the shelves tomorrow.。
As a new person, I don’t understand.,Seeing people writing,I also try to write a single chapter.。
I have seen a lot of books that have a lot of books are unlimited.,Among them, many animation worlds,At that time, I wanted to write a world that only cracked three people.。
Collapse three people are relatively small,There are no other anime world,Coupled with myself written,So a letter one moon,It’s boring now.800collect。
I saw some people in the book review saying that the directory feels very messy.,This.,I only see what the catalog can’t see.,My own feelings are not chaotic.。
But I still changed some directory.,I don’t know if there is any use.。
Say and subscribe,Calculation method for using people,better12Save allments have a subscription,Worse20There is only one subscription。
At that time, I have three or fifty pieces.,I feel very good.,After all, a new person.,It’s okay to continue working hard.,It’s too much not to。

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