Chapter 124 First piece of holy marks

“This is my life I have experienced.,Every one is present in your eyes。”Xiao Yun looks to the cliff to the distance。
It also looked at the pine tree on the side of the cliff.:“then,I am here to be buried by hi.。”
“then you”Han Jiang surprised,Soon and release。
Xiao Yun, such a genius,Since I left my life, I have learned my strength into holy marks.,How can I not leave some residual soul?。
Xiao Yunwang to the sunset of the horizon,Enevented in the eyes,“If there are other worlds,Other worlds have me、have you,Revitalize it again。”
“actually,When I was driven out of the village,My consciousness has awake a little,At that time, you can put your strength into holy marks.,Teach you。”
Xiao Yun’s mouth,Slowly say:“Later experience,Just some of my selfishness。”
“I am looking in the eye for people.,I believe that you can do this power will not be evil,This way I can also be assured。”
“The power of the holy marks can be inherited,If you don’t need this power in the future,I hope to give it to more useful people.。”
“So be it,Korean big brother,goodbye。”Deep disappearance in Xiao Yunyan,Suddenly exposed the girl’s pure smile,The body gradually became a light spot to Hanjiang。
“Ding,The power of the holy marks,Whether it is absorbed。whether。”
Han Jiang clicks,I feel that there is an inexplicable power on my body.。
at the same time,Han Jiang felt the swords in the power,In the source of the Source of the Swordsman of Hanjiang。
“Ding,Host collected the first holy marks,crystal1000。”
“Holy marks:Xiao Yun。”
“Attributes:promote20Attack power,promote20agile。”
“characteristic:When the host is injured,Attack power and agility,According to the host’s highest upper limit of the host295。”
As the system ringtone continues to appear,The road when I entered the holy marks in front of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang looked back at this space,Step on the return。
“New version of the system102。
This update:
Some known issues。
Open holy marks collection system,Holy marma。
Optimize system page。
Remaining features, please explore the host yourself。
This update maintenance72Hour,The host can be opened in advance.,If there is extended,Notify separately!”
Han Jiang, who is going on, is the consciousness of Xiao Yun, will not completely disappear.,I haven’t scanned the news that the system issued is not in the management.。
There are oceans formed around the channel.,Didn’t pay attention,When I went back, Han Jiang found some strange places.。
Among the oceans of this energy,It seems to have a few places similar to the holy markspace.,But too far,can not see clearly。
When Hanjiang completely stepped out of the channel,Fuhua has been waiting in the original place。
Fuhua looked at Hanjiang returned,Carefully feel a,Say:“good,It’s too diffensed, it has reached the dust-free stage.,The power of the holy marks absorbed?”
“You know that the holy marks are not 100% absorbable.?”

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