“Soil breathing”

The violent airflow broke out between the board and the double boxing of the Quan.,The ground suddenly crackdown at the foot。
“teacher,Do you want to test my body?http://www.shuanka.cn,I am not bad better than you.”Spring, watching the board of punch, smiling。
“It’s too early to say now.”Outlet。
At the same time, she is also in puzzling, why is it closed?,But thinking that he resists the ability of the white eye,Even if you close your eyes, you can see everything around.。
Spring will be played out in an instant。
The dust stood up in the body,There is a crystal structure of a crack on him.。
“Amazing,Harder is broken.”Spring is sighing,But he knows that this is not the master’s strength.。
“What look,It’s still not interested in,His state is not flying”The aperator is coming again.。
“Three-layer activation,Armed colors”
Quan Yi violent Chakra,Black fists and programs hit together。
The violent waves of the storms also made the wolf that I just rushed.,Have to stop。http://www.lamamai.cn
Handling,The two have no flowers that are constantly fighting together.。
“This,How is I close?。。。。”Looking at the two people in the madness of everything,It is a teacher,Violent。
“Strong power”Spring, feeling, even if there are armed colors, it is hurting.。
Spring, the previous move is not enough at all in front of the program.,Three-layer activation,Also just,Stress is more and more。
The boxing is not good at Spring.。
“How to do this,I also dare to come out Yaowu Yangwei”The apeer is talking。
“How do you say that you are also my teacher?,Not hurt you”Spring smiles。
“Yes,It seems that this should be your own.,Enchantment”Ahead。
I have prepared four ninja on the side.,The speed of the speed is around the spring and the view.,Then quickly print on the ground。
“Forehead”Spring, looked at the purple rins around。
But he is not too much,The juncture is difficult to stay.,But there is a planner.,It is impossible to get out of speed.。
Then he was hit by a punctual punch.,When the ground is suddenly cracking。
“Cough,No need?,This can’t sleep.”The whole body covers the army of the army,Some wolf stood up and said。
Armed color,Maximum hurt spring,There is little impact on him。
The armed colors on the Quan Yizhen。
“Be sleepy,Try to know,I can’t learn so soon, I can’t learn so soon.”The apeer looked at the rising junction showed a smile.,Grab you。
“I have not learned so fast.,But I have this,See my up to”Springs blound。
A pair of kaleidoscopes with hands in the sword appeared in the eyes of the eyes,Quan Wei is also erupt in Chakra。

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