Back to special qualifications,Rui Rui let Song Jian and Tang Rui bring Xu Tianhe Tang Dan to the office。

Qi Rui knows that Tian Dan is definitely scared.,Speaking very politely:“Mr. Xu Tian,Miss Tian,Please take it.。”
“How do you know her name?,You investigate us?”Xu Tian is a panicked,Because of his hand, there is a group of people who have never been shipped.,This long spring Jun can not be good,If this is what he checks, it can be finished.。
“Yes,I investigate Xu Sang and Miss,You are two pairs of lovers,However, Miss Tian is a common woman in Talent Tian Running.。”Qi Rui said that Heada:“Woodennets Killed your parents,You hate them very much.。”
Tian Dan is now very horrible,Because she heard that all Chinese people who entered the General Commander, there were not a few can’t live.,She hates the Japanese,Also went to the hospital to design them,What did this terrible Japanese find out?,So scared, I dare not say,Tears in the eyelids。
I don’t talk well to you.,Xu Tian said:“Xu Sang,Do not be afraid,Answer me a few questions,You can take the lady of Tian to leave.。”
“Director of the tank, please ask。”Xu Tian found that this long pool is really no malicious.,For Tian Dan, he shows the attitude of trying to cooperate,
“Have you been to Xianleis’s live survey?”
“Yes,I surveyed the scene。”
“Then can you tell me your conclusion??”
“I said, let us go.?”
“You don’t say that I will also let you go.,You are not sinners,I don’t know how to detention you.。”Rui Rui said that the truth is said.,
Xu Tian listened to the gently patted the hand of Tian Dan,Show her not to be afraid。
“Xu Sang,Then you are willing to talk to me.?”
“Can,I have said in Mi Gaomei.,Stolen those money should be a very professional thief,They quietly open the window of the street,Take a few heavy big money boxes,And I also conclude that they are running with a yellow champion.,So this is a planned gang.。”
“Zhang Xiao Lin, you have also went.?”
NS275chapter Vomit
Rui Rui brought two of them actually to protect,Wooden shadow streak is very dark,Plus Yanyu is a butcher,Although they will not kill Xu Tianhe Tang Dan temporarily,Persecution threats are definitely doing。
Rui is willing to help Xu Tian they kill the wooden shadow and Changgu,Because they are all designed by him.,They have the end of the sin, do not change at all.,Although this process is somewhat hard to Xu Tianhe Tian Dan,But the result is a successful life.。
Xu Tian suddenly found that in the face of this long pool, a lot of pressure in the face of wood.,Continue to answer:“went,Zhang Xiao Lin’s appearance is indeed like a killer,These people are hitting,As long as people who are seen by them are all directly,More like it is to go to the door,And each deceased is a shot,So you can affirm that you are killing the killer of your career.,Seeing style is indeed like a training-trained military person。”
“Since you are very professional,Then why do you think Xianleis is not a trick??”
“Because they do something completely different,One main purpose is for money,A main purpose is to kill Zhang Xiaolin,Money is only by way。”
“Xu Sang’s analysis is very good,thank you very much,My question is over.,Xu Sang,Hurry with Miss Tian, go back.,I hope that you find any clues to inform me in time.,is it okay?”
“Row,I do my best。”
Rui Rui is going to send them away,The door of his office is pushed open.,Tian Zhong Zhengxian got in。
“Tanaka!”Rui Rui quickly greeted,
There are two people in Tianzhong Zhengxian.:“What are they doing??”
“Report Tanaka,Under the investigation, Zhang Xiao Lin was killed and the Xianleis theft,I want to recover those huge money。They are my line people。”
“Do they give us a clue??”
“very good,Do you continue?!”
“I have already said.。”Rui Rui said out:“Man!”
Song Jian and Tang Rui run,Rui Rui said to them:“Hurry to send Xu Sang and Miss, go back.。”
After someone left,Tian Zhongzheng said:“Long pool class,I am coming to tell you.,You should not kids again.!We don’t have so much time to delay it on him.。”
“Tanaka,The current sea is beginning to die,He may not give him a penalty,I want to spend two days with him.,Maybe there is a good effect。”Ritual,
“Long pool class,If you don’t quit,I will help you.!”
“Ok,I will interrogate this.。”
Qi Rui called first before the interrogation,Let the doctor give the Haizheng to check the body,After checking, or then tied him on the criminal chair.。
This time no one listened to,But still have recording,After the rituits, I looked at the sea on the criminal chair.:“I am coming again,You do not mind right?”
“Bunnya so much nonsense,Hurry and use the penalty to Laozi!”

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