“Haha,My master is also a student here?”Li Tianchou couldn’t help but laugh。

“I said I didn’t count him。”Xiao Song is very persistent in correcting。
“Oh,understood。That is supernumerary,Auditors。”
Xiao Song smiled,“He was an annoying troublemaker back then,Don’t mention him。”At this time the bells in the courtyard rang,Seems to be over,The children rushed from the classroom to the courtyard with cheers and started playing。The palm-sized country school suddenly became lively,Makes people feel energetic and young。
Li Tianchou and Xiao Song stood up,I saw a gray-haired elderly woman in the courtyard holding a bell through the broken wooden strip,Calling students to pay attention to safety。
“Teacher Feng。”Xiao Song whispered。
The old woman turned her head,I smiled after seeing Xiao Song,Walk over in three steps and two steps,Open the fence gate,“Damn,Tongtong。Come in soon。”
Xiao Song rushed to Li Tianchou after beckoning and leading the door,Li Tianchou followed closely。
“This is Teacher Feng,My teacher,He is my uncle’s apprentice,Last name Li。”Xiao Song gave a brief introduction,He just described Li Tianchou’s identity as Uncle Geng’s apprentice,I don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional。
“Hello, Teacher Feng。”Li Tianchou has always respected the teacher,Besides, Xiao Song’s enlightenment teacher,That’s not even more important。
Teacher Feng was so happy from ear to ear,Although the accent is heavy,But I could hear it praised Li Tianchou,She gave them to the room very enthusiastically。
Don’t look at teacher Feng’s gray hair,But frisky,Li Tianchou and Xiao Song Gang sat down,Two cups of hot tea came up。
“Is Lao Geng’s health okay??”Teacher Feng moved a chair and sat down,Open your mouth and ask about Uncle Geng,It seems everyone is old acquaintance。
Xiao Song sighed,“Still the same,Eating too。”
“Oh。This man has a bad temper,Don’t let us go see,I don’t know what shit rules he set。You said it was easy to come back,Now I have a lot。Hey!”Teacher Feng complained。

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