“Luo’s opening group is too beautiful,IGAll people’s response does not have a slightest mistake,Follow the output directly in the moment!”

Chapter 335 Advance levelMSIfinals
Guanziyuan voice,The king of the side remembers quickly picks up the head.。
“Yes,The cooperation in this wave group,IGIt’s just a seamless,TLI can’t find any opportunities to save the situation.。”
“I can say this.,even thoughTLBefore the start of the group battle,KnowIGWhat will be done behind?。But after the group war,They can’t find any ways to break。”
Guanziyuan point head,A face of horror。
“Yes,This is this wave group battle.,IGTrue terrible place。”
The two interactively explained this wave of war.,What did you realize?,The sound has become extremely excited.。
“correct,A wave!A wave!Can be a wave!This tone hesitant,Directly one wave,TLThere is no need to blockIGAdvancing the means。”
“Yes,IGCan be a wave,No need to hesitate。TLI have already lost it.,this isIGBest opportunity,Decisively push the tower and finally finalize it.。”
Yes,The two explanations are the fact,IGAs long as the decisive wave,They can eliminateTL,Directly advancedMSIFinal。
The audience on the screen,It has also been sent out by them.。
“This wave of cranes take off.,IGHave you won,Win!”
“MSIfinals,Let’s come.,This didn’t say it.,Absolutely can be a wave。”
“This is still good,Directly a wave of work。”
“This wave of group is too good.,Really pleasing,Don’t pay attention to it.,This wave of groups can be boastful。”
“It’s too embarrassed.,Liu Qingsong’s two wave,giveTLAll open。”
“This Luo is too embarrassed. I am telling the truth.,Open group,I’mTLI don’t know how to break.。”
“Gongbao’s clouds are also,Forcibly use this way to follow the group,Too much away。”
“Don’t say,One wave is the most important,One wave is full。”
On the courtIGPlayers,I haven’t disappointed the people outside the field.,I didn’t make some inexpected troubles at this time.。
In the groupTLLater,IGEveryone started directly uploadedTLMiddle Road Highland Tower。
Five people set fire defense tower,The blood volume of the defensive tower is fast。Not a few seconds,Along with a roar,TLThe middle road highlands defensive tower will explode directly.。
Then,IGAfter five people removed the crystal,DirectlyTLTwo pile towers in front of the city。
Even in the case where the war line is not so fast,Serless chooses to use your own flesh anti-tower,Then letIGOthers start pushing the parents。
After the arrival of the military line,Sierras exits from the defensive tower,After pulling the hatred, I went back to the defensive tower and starting the tower.。
Then,First door defensive tower,DirectIGEveryone is pushing。
Subsequent,A second。
Along with the explosion of the second door tower,All the hearts of all the audience began a dramatic beating。
They have begun to be excited.,The advanced picture is in front of you,How can they not be excited?。

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