And now,That area is in the eye,The opportunity of the second digging mine appeared,The first bucket of gold has already arrived,The second barrel is still far behind the sky?,Don’t look at your own,Sumu feels that he will regret it in the future.。

Understand that the old man Su Shi is head“Happiness”,Didn’t talk about yourself,Suwa knocks on the side of the test:“The old man talks about you.?”
“Um?What to say to him??”
“At that time, Grandpa made Qiao Hao to help,Now that the other party will help,You don’t want to let me go……”
Sumu said to stop here.。
Discovery,What is the old Sudin?,Face is not very good,It seems to be a bit scared。
Su Sao’s temper,Su Simin, this is naturally clear,I didn’t have less than a child.,There is still a shadow now,That is, after the age,Personality。
So the character of Su Lao,I can wonder if I want to help.,If others help arrange a school,Su Tsui did not go,That is just the face of the old man,And it is very powerful,Su Simin can think of his father’s face,There is a soft leg.。
Rapid transformation position,Sumu said:“Go out,The weather is not good at San Francisco,We are not around,Go to school, remember to take care of yourself.。”
Suhus almost did not hold back,Nod tell him:“That is temporary,How many times, give me consideration?,Luo Jila is not considered private high school.,Tuition fees are too expensive。”
Just talking about my father and son,Han Han boss suddenly boarded,Sumu saw him feel a little confused,I am afraid that he speaks in front of his father.。
Fortunately, I have not happened.,I saw the Korean boss put fruit on the table.,Sudiment:“Borrow your son to me,The last purchase bill could not be found.,Help me find……”Very bad reason。
Su Shi Cai did not doubt,Quick:“Go back,I give you money.,Just a good time to buy some seafood back,Remember to buy fresh,Living small octopus is delicious。”
Sumu saw Han boss to smash yourself,Guess is probably because of the supermarket,I haven’t contacted these days.,Calculating time should still be started to transform the old factory。
Take the Korean boss:“I should know where?,Go to help you find,Let it go……”
soon,Waiting for the old man to take a $ 190s cash,The plug is in the mouth.。
It seems that today, Su Shi Cai is really happy.,I used to be a holiday.,I will not spend so much money to buy vegetables.。
Pay a social security、tuition fee、Daily life, etc. spend a lot,Sujia usa is very casual,The main reason is still due to unwellness,Occasionally roast cock,Meat is left to Suhu eat。
Sumu intends to buy some food today,The family don’t know if he has money now.,Still over the past poor life,Expenses spending a big meal,Is not enough to let Suwa care,After all, becomes a Tangren Street area.“Rich”NS,Always improve the quality of life。
Han boss’s car parked on the side of the road,When I got a car, he curiate asked Suwa.:“How did you still tell your family now??Really courage,Such a small year, a big money investment business,After your kid doesn’t make a fortune later.,I will hit it on this tree.!”
“Cheng Yanyi。”
Sumu expression,Sit into the car to lay a seat belt,Continue to answer him:“You don’t know my family personality,Be used to it.,I am afraid that their heart can’t stand it.。Temporary this is very good,I got private high school full scholarship.,They have not been as big as before,After the supermarket is open,。”
“Why wait until the opening?”Han boss asked again。
Today, the weather is still hot,After getting on the bus, he took the deputy ink mirror on the face.,Recently prepared supermarket is very busy,I haven’t worn the decadent temperament of the death, etc.,The whole person looks full,Deliberately prepare a big business。
Sumu sound calm:“Tell them well,If not good,Then when I didn’t have this money.。Thus,They don’t have to suffer from being lost,Now my family’s life is very harmonious,I can avoid it.。”
Han Boss didn’t think about this,I feel that it seems to be very reasonable.,Silence will continue to say:“I have just returned the words just now.,This exquisite thought,I am not surprising in the super rich.,Think more!Examples of the wife from the rich wife are not a small number,I really have to stabilize and tell them better.。”
Noticeable,Sumu smiled and watched Han boss:“You are boasting yourself.,I have to earn 10 million,Your shares are more than me.,Don’t you earn more?”
“How can this?,How big are you??”Han Han boss suddenly felt:“I am so awue.,Nothing to change a good car,Cost major house,Strive for me to make more money,So comfortably。”
The fantasy in my mind is tens of millions of dollars in my hands.,Han boss is silly and continue to say:“If the first supermarket can succeed,Then let’s make money to open the second family,Save time directly from bank loans,Strive for a dozen、Twenty,Lying big money!”
“You are not big in this goal.,It is best to open all over the world!”Sumu is also smirking,Two people at the age,Will hope to pin on the supermarket called fun……
First go to the old glass factory first,I haven’t come over for a few days.,This old factory has the entire large variable。
Only one layer,The roof is removed,Recently began to rebuk,Starting,It takes about a week to complete it.。
Surrounded by chaos and seven tall trees being cut off,The city hall agreed to build a parking lot,The exterior wall is still a red brick,It looks quite beautiful,Red wall black tile。
Han boss stands in front of the factory being removed rusty,Pride:“Windows has begun customization,Can start installing soon,The door has also been customized.,Red gate,White alphabetBuyFun,After all the garbage is cleared,It looks comfortable now.。
Floor is too expensive,It is better to use cement ground.,Wall is also cement,What is all of the wires, you have to re-lay,It is best to get a garden outside,However, it is no need to worry about it.,We are not enough in our hands.。”
Here, Suhu invests half of money,Half belongs to him,Old factory that is being renovated,Saying that it is definitely false,Said in your mouth:“Um,Can save the province,Get beautiful and comfortable。Did money pay for us?,Is not enough money enough?”
“how,Not enough, you can lend me?”
Han Yu boss tagged him,It is very clear that Suhu has already taken too much money.,“Almost enough,The appropriation will enter the account next week.,I contacted a lot of suppliers.,After waiting for the warehouse, you will start。The shelf also bought it.,Find a large number of second-hand,The price is only higher than scrap iron.,All painted black,It looks like a new one。”
Of course, it is better.,Can now not allow,Temporarily only arrange this first,Sumu smiled:

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