Because the strength of the night,Too fast,Honestly said the momentum of the night,Already rarely used。

the reason is simple,Because those opponents encountered after night,That level“Moveness”,What role is found?。
But after the synthesis“dumpling”card,Alternatively let the night“Moveness”Step on the mainstream power。
There is still one in the limitation,Night is not expected to be able to ship,Today’s harvest,He is quite satisfied.。
Whether it is a skill card equipment card or a character card,Today is full of harvest,Even if the last decisive,He will not be too disappointed.。
Last issuance limit,Night or choose a character card,Because the dumplings are raised,But the cartridge of the stars,But still empty。
One of the cards without fluctuations,But the familiar figure,But let the night will fall again into the ecstasy。
He is not expected.,But it seems today’s lucky goddess,Very care of him,This time it shipment,And more than the previous!
Card diagram of card,Is a little child,But the night is completely unable to ignore him.,Just because the other party is one“Saiyan”!
Oh,Is a saicon,But even if it is mixed,But there is also the blood of the Saiyan。
To know that this time he smoked, it is limited.,It is impossible to appear that the card map is character.,The content is the Oolong of other things.,This is indeed a character of a character.!
Ambassador,Night, I saw my card introduction.。
Character card:Sun Wu Tian is seven years old from Dragon Ball
Character introduction:Purebred Saiyan’s mixed blood,Because of the blood of the Same,Variable“Super-Saiyan”。
This real day is the magistrate,About 7 years old,Carrying skill turtle、Hairstyle、Qigong waves, etc.。
Night is awkward,This is really ahead of the sky.
He really took a Saiyan,Although it is just a seven years old,Awareness of this age,Strength of Dragon Ball,Can only count the horse to tiger。
But Nima age is small,That is also a Saiyan.!
And the monster,Although only seven years old,But with eight years old Terx,It has been mastered“Super-Saiyan”Skill。
And as long as this card is equipped,Also means,Night is also able to,become“Super-Saiyan”!
The improvement of strength is on the one hand,Matter into a super-Saiyan,Night is finally able to get rid of,That turns him to obey the fairly green hair.。
Green hair yellow hair,This is really a pleasant,wrong,Huang Mao doesn’t seem to be very good.。
“do not care,Anyway, there is a hair today.。”Pumper to the card,Let the night feel,The goal of fat 揍 玉,Close a step。
Equipped with the card on the world,When I am, I feel that I have made many things.,Change the most obvious,Probably“gas”Increased。
As far as the power of the night is,At least“Dragon level”Hierarchical,If it becomes“Super-Saiyan”if,The strength can climb“Dragon-grade peak”!
The war of Dragon Balls is too easy to collapse.,It is so much better for temporarily.。
Unfortunately,Night, although the card is equipped,But his gas,Not enough to support him too long。
Because Wu Tian’s base,Changed to the super-seizure consumption,There is no night, so much。
There are too many power systems on the night.,Also too complicated,become“Super-Saiyan”Meanwhile,Although there will be corresponding growth,But consumption will also become bigger。
Feel the strength of the strength,Night, I’m just over this time.,I can’t wait to find a good hand.。

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