Four people touch together,And after drinking,Four people put the cup on the table,The sword is long, the corner of the mouth exposes a cold smile.,Just this silk smile。
“President,How do you consider last time??”The sword is long and my lair。
“Three elder opinions?”Sichuan Luo Sakuo glanced at the triple。
“Mainly still watching the president’s opinion,But since the president makes us suggest,We will come out。”Sword thorn long laughing:“We agree with this matter!”
“good,Our three negotiated coming over to negotiate,Agree to this matter。”The sword is old and the old says:“You also know that the situation in Qi-China now,Seven continental four,Do not,It should be called the Sixth Six Sixth。”
“This six is the six peerless masters of the four continents.,They already stand in the peak of the martial art,Extremely developed in this technology,Only nuclear weapons can have their lives,But these people itself master the most powerful vacuum nuclear technology in the world.,And our island country?After these years,Our technology is extremely developed,Have your own nuclear technology,But our base is destroyed,We don’t have leaders,No one can lead us to hegemony。”Sword water long and angry。
“So the seven continental four,Now any party for power to us,We can only surrender,Unless you don’t ordered it。”Jianzhu is old:“But everyone is practiced for a lifetime.,Who wants to die?Also think about the family!”
“This is a bit。”Sichuan Luo Yakai heard the head。
“You also saw it,Forest president,Director of the Dark City Man Lin Director directly,Don’t think that you will come back to continue auctions.,But just take a flowery.。”Sword of the sword:“Its real forest president did not pay!”
“There is also the three major power leaders of the White Bear Empire.,Directly by Lin Preshang inside the box,Falling on the auction,The face is simply lost.,But people dare to anger don’t dare.,Still smile。”Sword water is a little excited:“why is that?Is it hard enough? Is it hard enough??”
“asshole,Bombed him a few houses,So much thoughts,It seems to compensate him a godman,Aren’t enough。”Sword thorn can’t help but take a way。
NS985chapter Shenxian’s horror
“Yes,Forest president, the main pressure,Fist is hard enough。”Sichuan Luo Sakai listened to the three elders,I don’t know why it is in my heart.,Raise a proud feeling,When I saw Lin Feng Daowei, I saw the Shenwei Dark City.,Her heart is full of pride。
“President,And we can’t bother such a character.,So we are not eligible to compete for the seven continental。”Sword water long。
“Can be swallowed and,It is fortunate that is fortunate.。”Sword of the sword。
“But this possibility is very small,You see the Bern family now.。”Sword throwing old looking at Sichuan Luo Ye Road:“Even people of Taishan Mountain call,Try to explore our mouthpieces。”
“So the three elders tend to marriage?”Sichuan Luo Yakui looked at the three mans:“Just why choose a Bole family??as far as I know,Bur family is just a gold forces.,It’s a bumbled by our eight countries.。”
“President,You are wrong.,That is because the strongman of the Bern family has not passed,Tell you the truth.,Burf family has appeared in the heritage of Genghis Khan,His life and death rolls have been big,He has controlled the god bow in one of the ancient and modern nine gods.。”Sword water long old eyes hot way:“as far as I know,The neighborhood bow is the farthest attack power in the ancient and modern nine gods.,The most sharp attack。”
“The strongman of this Burka immediately is the seventh,And force pressure,North Yinyang,Southern Southern,Become the most powerful character。”Sword thorn long。
“They are too powerful,What benefits can we get with their marriage??”Sichuan Luo Yakowei looked at the three long laughs:“Say it is good, it’s marriage.,It is difficult to listen to the Bur family to control the entire midnight.?Triple elder,Do you make a base industry??”
Sword thorn,Sword is old,Jianzhu Long three people heard the face showed a mysterious smile。
“So this will take advantage of it.,President,Treat him to rectify the peripheral forces of the White Bear Empire,After establishing a strong alliance,The president can kill this person!”Sword bamboo old。
“Take everything on him,Life and death,Disappointment,Then claim him to close,Then we digest these resources,Replace him to control the alliance!”Sword thorn, old, old, cold。
“This plan is good,Just three elders,kill him?I am afraid there is no such power.?”Sichuan Luo Yaki smiled:“You look at me too much.。”
“Do not,You have!”
Sword thorn long:“You are the blood of the king,You and his strength are not very big.,When you are intersive in your yin and yang,You are dealing with him,I think he is in a disappearance.!”
“good,At this time, he is my most weak.。”Sword is long and old:“I believe in the power of the president,It is very simple to do,At that time, the president will take resources,Control the world,Become the only queen in human history!”
“Seven contained four octaves will be whipped!”Sword thorn is also excited。
Sichuan Luo Yakai heard the eyes gradually cold,Looking at the sword,Sword is old,Jianzhu Long Lao Road:“Triple elder,You have a good calculation,What did I use my Sichuan Luo Sakura??”
“President,You should have a deep sacrifice!”Sword bamboo elder look serious:“For our nation,For our empire!”
“good,Only you can save this nation,Leading the empire to new glory,This opportunity is a thousand clothes!”The sword is old, the old eyes, looked at the Sichuan Luo Sakura.。
“And very helpful to you。”Sword thorn is also laughing。
“Triple elder,This thing you are looking for him.。”Sichuan Luo Yako Cool Ice Tao:“I am afraid sacrificed,Maybe there is no such a big retaliation,However, I think that the three elders need to sacrifice this empire and nation.!”
“What do you mean?”Sword thorn, old cold ice。

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