When Li Hui Feng actively kicked,So, he really doesn’t have anything to grasp。

Although he is now strong now。
It can be stronger than Li with the wind.,He always feels a gap。
Li Hui Feng heard Xu Tianci to say,He nodded:“Row,You come back as soon as possible,If you don’t come back,I am likely to find you, please come back.。”
Hearing Li Hui Feng in that“Please”The word is biting the sound from the word.,Xu Tianci also hurriedly laughed:“Need not,Need not,I will go back soon.。”
Li Hui Feng heard Xu Tianci to say,He tacted another problem.,I hang up the phone。
After the phone is hung up,Xu Tianci is also a breather。
During this time, there is also a kicking.,But I have been sent by him.。
Originally, I won’t say anything with Li Hui Feng.。
But when Li Hui Feng, the sound of not angry, sounds this,He still can’t help but be afraid.。
It may be that it is afraid of the other party by the other party.。
Third day,Xu Tianci is also rushing back。
The first thing he came back was not looking home.,Instead, find Li Hui。
Looking at Xu Tianci’s appearance,Li Hui Feng is also a difficulty,Let the other party go home first,The rest of the thing is slowly。
Xu Jiafu saw Xu Tiancai to come back and was a little trembling.。
To know that he knows that Xu Tianci will start a business outside,But three days and three nights didn’t touch。
I am afraid that my son is going to do those illegal.。
But now I saw Xu Tianci,And talking to do things has stabilized many models.,He immediately understood that his son was mature.。
“dad,I am a somewhat handsome.?”
“Humph,Handsome fart,The hot weather in the hot day is not afraid of being hot.!”
Although Xu Lai Fu’s face,But the eyes are satisfied。
Especially see Xu Tianci to enter the house,Hurry to open the air conditioner。
Although he is now rich,But the problem that spends money, has never been changed.,Even if you use air conditioning, it is also a home.,Otherwise, he is not willing to use it.。
Xu Tianci naturally also seen the satisfaction of Xu Laifu’s eyes.,I immediately laughed:“Hey-hey,I will change my trousers.,This is not habitual outside.,I don’t want this.,Tough。”
“Um,Change,This time I’m coming back.?”
Although I don’t know how Xu Tianci is in the case of entrepreneurship.,But before, Xu Tianci said that the sky said in the phone.,However, at the beginning of the entrepreneurship, he also knew that everything was difficult.。
I feel that Xu Tianci will come back this time.。
“Hey-hey,This time I come back to another year.,Say more than three years。”
I heard Xu Tianci,Xu Luofu has been unbelievable with his eyes.。
“What did you say?
Do you stay in this long?,What about the industry there??
Don’t you start business??”
This instant Xu Laofu can even think that Xu Tianci, which has failed to start, running back.。
Immediately think about air conditioning。
I still feel my son.,I want to bring it out to boast a wave。
Now he suddenly celebrated that he didn’t have a head, he pulled his son.,Otherwise, you can lose your family.。
Seeing your old father’s eyes first is anger,Follow the disappointed look,Xu Tianci knows that I misunderstood。

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