It’s just the next morning.,Li Hui is called by the ringtone of the phone.。

Although Li Hui Si, Li Hui has already solved things.,But there is still a lot of things,He feels to discuss with Li.。
This time’s processing results,The above people are also very satisfied,After all, the first time is so urgent.。
The most important thing is that the reputation of lotus village is also a lot.。
Because there are also TV stations in the subsequent village.,Reporter’s reporter interview。
When you know that,Many people in the village have sold out the house.,Netizens don’t hate these people who are homeless.。
Li Hui Feng also did not take the house in the first time.,Instead, these people have been moved out again.。
As for where to move,Li Hui also discussed a place with Xu Laifu with Shen Tian Si.。
That is the huge empty space behind Zhang Erdrang repair station.,There is a stone sand,Not suitable for growing。
Plus the area is also enough,Can also play well,Everything favorable conditions occupy。
Shen Tian Si saw Li Hui Rong,It is also enthusiastic to invite Li with the wind to the office.。
“Lee brother,You can count,This time I look for you to ask questions about your contract.,I heard those people in Lotus Village or contract with the previous boss.,Not signed with you,This will not be put in the other side.?”
“Hey-hey,Will not,What’s wrong with each other is a big boss?,Not so much in order to live with us.。”
Li Hui Feng did not think that Shen Tiansi actually worried about such a problem.。
“Lee brother,This does not prevent this.,There is another thing I have to tell you.,I have received the above notice.,It may not be the town of the town in the second half of next year.。”
Shen Tianzhi’s words,Li Hui is first,But soon you understand the other party’s meaning.。
“Congratulations to the big brother,Just promoting the coming year.,However, Shen Da brother can also take care of the younger brother.?”
Li Hui is also a somewhat worried about the new town of the township.,It’s not good to have a lot of things.。
“Haha, you can rest assured.,I have greeted it over.,Your business, I have to be responsible,Of course, the new urban growth is also selected from the part of these local villages.,Although the age is very big,But after all, I understand the local situation.,Many things can do it together.。”
“When I just toned,But a mist,Even if the development of the mind is going to the end, it is useless.,Because the root beyond the expectation of my heart。”
Shen Tianzhi’s words,Let Li speak the wind, it is a relief.。
After all, he is very familiar with the village head of the whole town.,Should not give him a hide。
“Hey-hey,who said it,If there is no big brother,This vegetable greenhouse,Mountain contract,The construction of the pig farm can be unexpected.,This can be done with the superior look of Shen Big Brother.,The average person dares to turn food land into a vegetable greenhouse?
This is a gamble,Just we gamble。”
I heard Li Hui’s feelings,Shen Tian Si is also a little afraid of:“Yes,These are better,Especially in the recent pressure stress,Almost disconnected my business road.,If you don’t have a horse?,I may haven’t expected it in this life.,Tonight, there is no time?
Have time,I am going to a banquet tonight, please ask the village head of the villages in the town.,By the way you also make fun of your lively。”
“Hey-hey,There must be time.,Is this big New Year??
But Shen Da Ge is not something else tonight.?”
Li Hui is, you don’t believe in Shen Tian Si, a simple banquet.,After all, Shen Tian Si can be so long, I have never heard of the other party.,Or go to someone else’s wine。
“I know that you can’t be hidden.,I mainly tell the work of tomorrow tonight.,By the way, they are also their respective competition.,After all, the town governor is not so easy.。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng understands,Shen Tianzi this is to let go of it in advance.,Then let these villagers compete。
I want to compete,Then Li speaks with the wind.,After all, where is Li with the wind?,What kind of performance is certainly good。
At that time, these village gugartors may still have a horse to take a horse.。
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge,You said this,I don’t even participate tonight.?
After all, you are all leadership,I am a small farmer.。”

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