“hehe,Self-arrogant,Unmanned,The so-called no one you should understand?

It’s just。”
Chapter 313
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Dong Xiajian is directly scared by it.。
Dawn Mountain is also the rhythm of the violent rumor that Li Hui’s breath is qi.,No matter where,He has never encountered so he is not afraid of death.。
Dawn looked at Li Hui’s face to face the static appearance of the Dawn Mountain.,It’s just that it is bright.,It feels that you can still have such a young man who can’t be insulted in front of Dawn Mountain.。
Just don’t know that Li Hui is not a gun.。
But he feels soon.。
“hehe,Boy,You are the first to change myself.,Do you know that the consequences of me??”
“have no idea,I don’t want to know。”
Say this,Li Hui is directly directed by Dong Xiajian Road.:“Director,Stay here?
You are willing to be angry, I don’t accompany you.。”
Looking at Dong Xiajian’s fear of the appearance,Li Hui Fengxin knows that these two in front of them may be in the existence of Dong Xiaoyu.,But how is it??
Everything is good for him.,Thunder,Everything can be water to。
“hehe,Want,Let’s see if you have a strength to go out.。”
Say,Li Mushan directly roared directly, I went straight to Li Hui Feng.,This fist is also a little drill.,Directly rushed to Li Hui’s ribs。
Dawn, I saw this scene.,Just want to let the Mountain of Dawn,I found that Li Hui Feng was also in the body.。
Peng Li follows the wind,The speed is directly improved.,The body is getting up.,The moment of huge sound, I chased it out, I gave it out.。
“Cough and Cough Tie Mountain?”
How did the Law Mountain did not expect that Li Hui’s seems to be weak?,Actually so big。
Get up,I feel that I have to be scattered.。
For the problem of Dawn Mountain,Li Hui Hui Renuo does not want to take care,He directly opposite Dong Xiajian Road:“Dong Da Ge,What is still doing??
Still not?”
Dong Xiajian has some scenes who can’t believe in the scene.,He never thought that his brother would be so cow.,Actually, the second generation of the emperor dared to fight,And still don’t give face。
Li Hui Feng and the fight against the Law Mountain are also ambiguous to the people in the ward.。
The first man wearing a military uniform is coming out.,Awe,Both flashing is full。
“what happened?
I don’t know what you have both grandfather can’t receive noise.?”
With the middle-aged man comes out,Dawn Mountain is also flashing。
“I just want to teach the little child.,That kid said that he can govern your father’s disease,I feel that he is too rare.,so”Dawn hills have not finished,The middle-aged man is directly giving。
“Boy,You said that you can treat the illness of the father.?”
“I did not say,After all, I didn’t even see it.,How can I have a grasp?,It is my big brother who lasse.,Say let me try again,And the big brother said to make a guarantee with you.,I am worried that he is coming.,Otherwise, I just rushed to this attitude towards me.,I have already gone.。”
Dong Xiajian heard that Li Hui Feng was crying.,Why didn’t he think of this time?,Li Hui lived in the style of help him talk,Give him all the faces。
“Hey-hey,correct,Plow two,This is before I mentioned the little god doctor who mentioned you many times.。”
When Dong Xiaojian said, a smile of joking looked at Li Wanqiang.。

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