After all, a thousand pieces of apples,Eat one is losses,One day, the money is only one hundred.。

When Li Hui is coming to Taohua Village,The village is already full.。
Let him not think about it,Taohua Village is actually a woman,Men just one or two。
The most unexpected thing is that this time is actually a girl.。
Visually, the most appearance of the 189th year old,But the face is a beautiful excessive excessive,Although dress is very clear,But the eyes are as if it is the elf who speaks.,It is only necessary to have a look that you can understand the meaning of each other.。
“Big brother, hello,Do you speak Li Hui Rong in Lotus Village??”
The girl is very curious standing in front.。
“Forehead,exactly,It is what I want to recruit workers to help pick apples.。”
“嘻嘻 嘻,In the first time, please also take care of your big brother.。”
Take the fibery jade hand from the peach,Li Hui Feng faces such a polite girl actually feels some feelings.。
Also reach out and hold the other side。
“Hey-hey,Nothing to take care of it,Both of the countryside,As long as you work hard,And the money, I am a settlement,So there is no thing that arrears money。”
“Oh, I am relieved.,I still think about the big brother, you sign a contract.,Since you say this,Then let’s go.。”
Say,Tao Hao took the initiative to take the lead in Li Hui’s hand tractor。
She is so big part of the side of Li Hui’s side.,No slibble,Everything is very natural。
The performance of Tao Hao is so comfortable with Li Hui.,At least it will not feel embarrassed。
And today, Tao Yu’s dress is not a love style.,But the other side smiled and never gave people a good feeling.。
Others see Tao Tao.,I have followed the car.。
And riding a motorcycle is rushing to the lotus village with a person.。
Every way, Tao Tao is talking to Li Hui Rong.。
“Is the big brother is also a person in Lotus Village??
Don’t you go to school??”
“Hey-hey,Go to school,But I am a university entrepreneurial,And you?
Is this 18th this year??
Actually, I will work.。”
Tao Wei listened to this and smiled:“I am going to college.,This year is twenty,I am not alive.,Experience life,And I said,Young and more bitterness,Because young is not hard, it’s hard to eat, but you can eat double.。”
Then your old man is very powerful.,Actually, just talk, there is so philosophical。”
“Hook,I am a high school student that year.,And my name is the meaning of taking the peach.,But he also said,This time I follows you when you experience life.,After all, it is now a young man’s history.,talk less,Make more things,Learn more。”
These words that face Tao Hao,Li Hui Feng suddenly felt that the other party was like a mother’s baby.,One, one, my father said。
But very quickly,He knows how big it is.。
Chapter 190 Floating fish
After the lotus village,Li Hui’s people are surprised。
Although they know that Lotus Village is going to work,But I didn’t think so fast.,And look at those mixers,Excavators These everyone do people feel that this road is not cheap。
“Big brother,Our village said that the road in Lianhua Village has a college student back to take a million to take it out.,That college student will not be you??”
“Hey-hey,it is me,However, repairing the road approval, these things can be solved by I will take the money.。”
Heard this,Tao Hao is not a bright。

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