Whether it’s the blood demon old demon or‘Big earthworm’No one thought that the two would meet in this way,The weirdness and tragic‘Big earthworm’Scared to death,And the blood demon old demon is even worse,The moment the big seal falls,It thought it was over,I have forgotten the blood body launch‘Smile’Supernatural power that can replace the physical body,Zhang Zhiqiang continuously activated his escape skills while screaming at the sky.,A little later is the catastrophe。

Between gasps,The golden light of Dayin is dim,First, the heavy song bird reluctantly screamed and turned into starlight,The Great Seal also disappeared and invisible。In a large pit with a radius of tens of square meters,Li Tianzhen lies in the center unconscious on all fours,His sea of vitality has dried up,‘Seal of God’s Punishment’It emptied all his vitality at the moment of activation。
Physical condition a little better,But it’s also weak and weak,There are also many internal injuries left by melee,But compared to the pain caused by exhaustion,This is much better than physical pain。
The worst is the little golden man,Usually bling,Vigorous,Now lying in the gods, my body is dim and dull,Frail,The sad thing is that it never knows why Li Tianzhen threw it out,I don’t even know that I have turned into a mighty heavy songbird,Almost wiped out that Zhang Zhiqiang and the old blood demon。
Zhang Zhiqiang is not having a good time,The power of Dayin still hurt his soul,Especially the last neigh of the heavy songbird,Almost tore his life apart,If it wasn’t for the tough,Today is really hard to escape,He has been very careful,Even ignored the little moves behind the blood demon old demon,It’s because I can’t understand Li Tianzhi’s foundation,Not only guard against the rumored‘Blasting sword’,Also guard against the god servant Li Tianzhen summoned last time,Although that kind of thing is a little bit mentally retarded,But out of nowhere,And he can’t stop the power of one blow。
and so,Zhang Zhiqiang would suggest melee combat,I want both parties to pinch to death without using magical powers,He is not inferior to his opponents in hand-to-hand combat,It’s best to get Li Tianzhen’s hole cards,If Li Tianzhi keeps resisting,He will suddenly activate when his life is hanging by a thread‘Smile’,After all, even if this magical power fails,The clone of the blood body can also save his life。
So planning,It can be said to have exhausted all the possibilities,Very scheming,I believe Li Tianzhen has similar ideas,It’s a pity that the blood demon old demon thinks himself,Did you use your fart for a long time?,If you listen to the old bastard,Lure Li Tianzhen to the bait,I don’t know if the other party deliberately dug?And this person has another‘Phantom kill’The skills must be prevented,By the time‘Smile’Too late to start,Who can die first,So on supernatural powers,You old devil is ruthless,But compared to fighting wits、Intrigue,You may be far inferior to humans。
Evacuation was activated three times in a row,Zhang Zhiqiang has ran out for several miles,Vitality and magic are almost exhausted,After this fierce battle,He was frustrated in all directions,Soul repairing takes time and effort,The most important thing is that the clone of the blood body is killed by that Fang Yin,There is no spectrum when it can recover,‘Smile’It really is a high-level magical power,Without this stuff,He didn’t even have the confidence to find Li Tianzhen again。
Chapter seven hundred and six Change strategy
It is also due to Zhang Zhiqiang’s suspicion and fear,I didn’t turn back to check Li Tianzhen’s situation,Instead of walking non-stop into the mountains,Mutual induction,If he is chased by Li Tianzhen,,Life is not guaranteed,So I missed a chance to kill the opponent。
However, Li Tianzhen remained unconscious until the sky was light before he woke up,Surprised that I slept for such a long time,After a rough inspection,He is more afraid than Zhang Zhiqiang,Struggling to crawl out of the pit,When I look back,The big pit of dozens of square meters in front of him was shocked in his heart,Realized at the most critical moment last night‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,Just like a dream,The potential stimulated in the battle really has unexpected feelings,Just too dangerous。
I checked the little golden man with my spiritual sense,This servant is still in a coma,Extremely weak lying on the sea of vitality,But it doesn’t matter。Li Tianzhen found a cave and sat down to adjust his breath,Recalling the battle last night in my mind,Secretly shocked by Zhang Zhiqiang’s toughness,Since I knew this person started practicing magic,Scary growing fast,The day before yesterday’s encounter,He has the upper hand slightly,I didn’t even take advantage of it last night,Faintly suppressed by opponents,This is a*Trouble,It’s a pity to sacrifice‘Seal of God’s Punishment’When the vitality is exhausted,How else would you let him go easily?
“Big earthworm,Feel your companion。”Slightly recovered,Li Tianzhen immediately got up and left the cave,Need to find some food and water,To accelerate recovery。
“Words from Master Huixian,I can’t sense it right now。”‘Big earthworm’’S voice is weak,A battle last night,‘Seal of God’s Punishment’’S terrifying power can make it almost warped,If it were not for the natural barrier of the silver wire cage,It doesn’t even have any residue left。
Present‘Big earthworm’Was even frightened,Can’t be honest,That big golden seal is terrible,But the spirits in the magic tower are even more terrifying,In a short time it will never be able to escape the two hearts,I feel that this silver wire cage is extremely safe and cordial。
“Be more energetic,Wait for me to find a hare for you。”Li Tianzhu didn’t know that when he and Zhang Zhiqiang were fighting hard,‘Big earthworm’Hook up with the old demon,And the things that shock the spirit,Anyway, a dangerous and complicated night,He only experienced the most direct part。
But the instructors who are thousands of miles away have encountered even more dangerous things.,He was actually held by the local police,The cause is naturally the shooting at the edge of the forest in Fengyitai,Gu Jian was also detained with him,Three people died after all,The instructor can understand the police procedures at first,So it’s not too long-winded。
But after identifying,The situation has changed,The two were transferred to the detention center of Xiuwu County Public Security Bureau by the police station,And no one cares and no one asks all day。The next day the instructor proposed to contact the Xishan Provincial Department,Suggestions to prove identity,Not only rejected,And also separated him from Gu Jian,I don’t know where Gu Jian was taken,And the instructor was actually put in a death row without interrogation。

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