Shen Jiaqi listened,Instantly surrounded by a strong sadness,During this time, he didn’t call it again.,And she already wants to clearly,Not entangled。

“Do not worry,We have long stuffed the relationship.,Will not affect your reputation of your house,you can go now。”
Shen Jiaqi is sad,Just turn around,What know,Gu Anan suddenly raised his hand,A slap hits Shen Jiaqi’s face。
Blue Xin suddenly vigorously,Imagine,But was stopped by Lu Haocheng.。
Blue Xinyi,Watching him,Why is he here。
“What did you pull me??”
Lu Haocheng looked at her:“Blue,You are in the past,Things will become worse。”
She whispered:“Lu Gong’s unmarried wife,Vi Liang Shude!”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,The deep eyes have been scratched.:“Who told you that she is my fiancee??”
“I went to work on the first day.,She said she,She is a major president of the future,Isn’t it your fiance??”Blue Xinye has a eye,Not let them buy a drink??
How to follow?
“She said that she said,I didn’t admit it again.。”Lu Haomheng immediately felt very wronged。
“Why do you want to hit me??I said,I have no energate your second brother.,You do it too much like this.。”Shen Jiaqi’s angry voice came,Lu Haoheng and Lan Xin also looked at the past。
Lan Jun hugs behind two people,I never liked to join in the fun.,I don’t like it.。
“Don’t hit you,Can you grow long??You give me a remember,Our house,Not your high climb,You completely die,If you still dare to entangle me two brothers,I can’t afford you.。
This is my first warning,If you let me find,You call my brother.,Let my parents sad,I will let you can’t mix it here.。”Gu An’an face with vicious smile,Tone。
NS234chapter:But I was humiliated by the other person.

NS234chapter:But I was humiliated by the other person.
Lan Xin looked like this,Wen Anan, who is the first time I saw, like white lotus,Judging two people。
True people foreigners,After the people, the devil is not.!
“I said it before,I will not entangle you.,You go.,People of your house,No one wants to see。”Shen Jiaqi finished,Turn away。
Gu An’an’s voice sounded behind her.:“and many more!”
Shen Jiaqi stopped,Turned to look at her,She is red,It is highly pressed with your tears。
now,Things have become like this,She is already facing,Don’t want to cry for anyone,Including the most loved man Gu Yi Lin,She will not have a tear of him again.。
“What else do you have??”She asks。
Gu Anan took out 10,000 yuan from her limited edition package.,Laughing。
“Here is 10,000 yuan,Just as you and my brother’s breakup fee.!hehe”
That ridiculous smile,It seems to tell Shen Jiaqi,Their love is 10,000 yuan。
Shen Jiaqi looked at the reddish 10,000 yuan,This red and naked humiliation,Let her have a pole。
But she still warns himself,She is now a mother,Her child,She must protect it。

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