“Snow Mountain Party,It is not your business.?You still don’t marry A Xiu?Let you go……I ask you,I have before I am the first thing.,You can still remember?”Chu Deirers asked more。

“Remember,Big Brother said,Seeing Master, I listened to Master.,Master is not listening to white masters!”Dog hybrid looks,But put the Chu Deirers in my heart.,Second to his mother’s,And Axiu’s arrogance is basically。
“kindness,Now put the white grandfather in front of the white master、Have you master,Go back。”After the Chu deer added a sentence,Let the dog buddy go to play。
As for the family affairs of the Snow Mountain Party,Chu Deirers don’t have much and,Still going to find a small dragon,Complete today“Daytime”All right。
“Dragon,I will help you practice.。”After the Chu Deiren knocked on the house。
The little dragon girl opened the door,I will turn around.。
Although it is still very small,The usual performance is also very calm,But involving cultivation《Jade》when,Will Xiaolong still from other details,Shim。
Chu Deiren after the door,Sitting directly to bed,Enter the status of the tire,Effective cultivation machine……
However,I have a little leakage this time.!
Before Chu Deirers and Dragon,Not in the ancient tomb,Is in the wilderness,Either it is in the pub——No one is easy to find。
However, this time is in the snowy mountain,At the meal meal,Naturally there is snowy mountain disciple to ask Chu Dee!
It’s far away from the Ming Yudai in the heart of Chu Deirers.,Determine that the other party is coming to find yourself,Chu Deirers immediately opened their eyes。
Only see……

And more conspicuous than these,It is Xiaolong female love and shame coexistence,And like ancient three-way,That kind of eyes like light。
I found that the Chu Deiren blinks,The mood of the little dragon,More complex eyes……And bring spring。
Chu Deirers are ready,Xiaolong girl only feels a rival,Have a coming……Quickly extinguished the spring and fire!
Even if I have been so rush,The little dragon girl also did not suffer from anti-……
Chu Deirers’ martial arts、Correct《Jade》How to understand,Horror——After all, the recent opportunity to practice,Almost all give《Jade》。
And it seems that there is no anthropoachagy,In fact, because Chu Deirers don’t know where to go than the little dragon.,All have to bear。
Then the Chu Deiren immediately gave a small dragon girl.,Also put down the shadows of your bed,First, open the door outside the door, the snowy mountain disciple who has blocked it.。
“Bother,Isn’t this a very urgent land??”Chu Deiren see is Luantong,More ironic, two sentences。
Luantong smiled:“Where does Chu Lee?……The teacher and the teacher have prepared a banquet.,Thank you for your debut,Save my Master、Save my snow mountain school。”
“kindness,I have packed up and pick up the dragon.。”Chu Deiren nodded。
Luantong sighs——No wonder the rivers and lake rumors,Chu is a day,Go to Qunyu first first,Even the tumbles between the Dollars and the butcher conference should be used up.……
Originally thought is rumor,Now it seems……Non-hole wind!
We have the neutrality of our messy,You have to do something“clean up”Thing?
“it is good,That……I am waiting outside.。”Luantong is very eye-catching to leave the hospital。
Chu Deiren came to the dinner,Found it is a home banquet,Lu Wantong leaving the road,The inner hall is only a few people in the ancestors.。
White is sitting in the first seat,The left hand is Shi Xiaocui,Shi Xiao Cui is an A Xiu and Dog Hybrid,White from the right hand is white sword……
White Wanjian look cold,White arrogant,However, Shi Xiao Cui does not care about those,No one wants to change the location,A Xiu doesn’t need to say——Low head,Silver big rich。
Chu Deirers know this floor,It’s still very useful……

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