Especially looking at the scene of Qin Xue to take the arm,This makes him feel fast.。

“stop!Did I tell you??”
Lu Zi Direct Sound Some Icy View Li Hui Rong and Qin Xue。
Qin Xue he can’t afford to,But a plum will be able to pack each other.。
Alive here?”
Li Xiangxiao looks like Lu Ziyu,At the same time, it is also a bit helpless.。
He feels that there is no power to bear the endurance of the land.。
The first thousand four hundred and three chapters, three arrows
“Humph!Others walk,But you can’t,You have to stay with me tonight.,Win everything, say,Loss the school,Understand?”
“Don’t say that I don’t give you a chance.,All the games here, you choose,,As long as you win us, I will not intervene.!”
Lu Tian saw Li Hui’s hook,Directly prepare for tough measures。
Qin Xue heard this to stop,But I was pulled by Li Hui.。
He felt that since the other person lied his face, he made him play.,He doesn’t have to play a slap,And this slap he wants to fight.,Otherwise, the other party doesn’t know that the pain will continue to find him.。
“Lu Director,You are tough.?
But a group of people play with me alone.,Is it some unfair??”
“And if I win, I can just leave here.,Is it a little too bully??”
Li Hui’s face is calm,But the calm face is what is thinking about how to clean up this。
“We can lose?
What is joking?,We can’t lose!”
“Everything is one in cases,What if you lose??”
Li Hui Feng step by step,This attitude of Li speaks the wind to let the land are very unhappy.,I even want to do it directly, Li Ping,Let Li Hui honestly。
However, this place is the place of Zuo Gaopee,Although Zuo Gaopeng is not as good as his family,But he is not a family important figure after all.,So this kind of thing doesn’t want to provoke trouble。
Because he does not dare to ensure that Zuo Gaopeng will stand in him.。
“There is no one,But if we lose you, what do you want??”
“Very simple,Don’t entangle the snow in the future!”
Li Hui’s condition is very simple.。
Lu Zimai didn’t want to agree.。
“Row,Then if you lose,I also added one,That is, you personally admit it to Qin Dafa before us.,How to leave the school at the same time??”
“hehe,Do you like to let people kneel??
also,I promise,However, there must be such a situation in my conditions.,Show fair,how?”
Lu Tian feels that you have a helmet that you will definitely lose。
And even if there is a lost,It can’t be lost,After all, there is a group of people.。
Unless Li speaks from the wind,Otherwise the opportunity will always stand in him.。

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