Since the center can’t get big air,Then I can only return to the old bank that I am the most good at it.!

Like a coin flipped,The science is immediately broken the chess pieces on the lower right corner.,This is the best moving time!
The hawk is suddenly showed a tricky suspicion.,When wearing slippers,I accidentally smashed my finger.,Not only the pain is extremely severe,More importantly, this will take the mood very bad.。
exist【Play with chess】Skills,Boarding also realized this uncomfortable feeling of each other。
Oh, I think that the opponent is very uncomfortable.,do not know why,I have become so cool。
Chess pieces continue to fierce!
A sudden robbing broke out in the lower right corner,The breath of both parties is tight into a group,Any retardation will lead to a local avalanche。
Xiong Saku is on a whispering:“I have also turned over his chess before.,How can he always take the robbery in some unexpected places?,And I haven’t eaten a loss.”
The force of each chess of the subject is like a nail,The crumble of the chessboard is halflet.,After debris, he is full of the meaning of great attack.。
Can’t play!
A shun-like chess tapped through the other lower right corner of each other,Dozens of chess pieces of soul return,As if a splendid fireworks,If nothing unexpected happens,A group of knives have to brush what。
Anger stick,Pour in strength,Corporation is not polite,Directly launch persuasion effects!
A foot,Welding on the brain of Bailun Eagle,Take it on the moment of a majestic eagle eye into the circle of mosquitoes。
Bald eagle crashed,Like arpgHelicopter hitting。
“Admit defeat。”Eagle beauty,Very elite, put the chess pieces in the corner,Admission。
Cold war group,Success tame,Win。
Two hours of time,Just two chess fast hammers,Outside the window, it has already been completely falling in the night.,The storm’s first troops have arrived in small,Sound of the city center of punk clocks。
time,Just right。
“All right,So next round of round to me.,Your flower shelf deals in us is useless.!”Qingdao deer,It is also like a battle that is hooked.,idea,She is equipped with the finger to sit on the chessboard.。
it is a pity,Posture is not right, not dare,So I can’t get a sound, it is very cute.。
But there is a saying,Although this action looks very handsome,Very hot fitting warmth,But do more opponents,Will make the joint be thick。
“what,Are you coming too??”Corporation。
“What?I can’t come with me.?”Qingdao Deer。
Hey, this conversation gives people a dog to buy two movie tickets.,I was asked by a woman.“Are you coming too??”Passing。
“Uh,I mean,I have some things to do next.,Can wait for tomorrow,is it okay?”Cooperative。
“Have something to do?Such a big snow outside,You still have to go out?”Qingdao deer looked at the scene of the window,Some worry in my heart。
——Your guy,It is going to go out and wonderful things.!
She probably guess this answer。
Although she has not experienced these things,But listen to some of the volunteers,I learned a similar deed.。
sometimes,She recalls the past,It will also find that the old man seems to have a similar experience.,For example, suddenly disappeared at night,Name to go to the opponent of some interesting opponents,He will also emphasize,He is for everyone to play,These are more meaningful than any common game than any one-。
The old man is full of confidence,Smiley optimism,Like a bright knight for justice,But in the last moment of the rest,The last one of the homeship is about to close,He will become a little desolate,像是害怕自己可能这一去就不复返了。

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