“There’s none?”

“That is3500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Close to three billion yuan,This is not aware of this?”
Hu Mingyu, etc. I can’t understand and regret。
Way:“3500Is there a lot of thousands of dollars??Counting 90 million US dollars,This money,If the financing is big, it is big.。”
Qu Jiaojie:“Is this less??Then how many valuations do you want to finance?”
“How to get more than ten billion US dollars,Low, don’t consider。”Wang traffic is a sentence,Verde。
Hu Ming Yuzhi,I am envious of my face and I am a little contempt.。
Others are also scattered,Place or face each other。
Only Wen Yan chess silently covered the chest,Tooired。
Nine million dollars of valuation he all losses,If you turn to 10 billion,Then let him not live?
I have to let him regret that the death is willing to be willing.?
Wen Yan chess is full of regrets and spit,Mouth taste:“Don’t be too greedy,See if you see it.,Thirty billion valuation……Be careful,Finally unchanged,Even these three thousand five million are gone。”
Click one’s tongue……Tall,It seems that the resentment is not small.,Jealous?
Wang Flow,Surface haha smiling:“maybe,But dreams always have to have,In case it reaches it??”
Wen Yan checkered,not talking anymore。
Since the last time, Wang traffic is guided,The little horse only shattered,It is plagued his profit model to find the direction.,The new version that has been developed is not annoyed,Go back to overtime, add a few suggestions that the king.,Did you deliver your king,Ask him to experience and ax。
Zhang Xiaoying for more than four months pregnant,The stomach has been slightly toned,Read the book on the bedside,White lightly touched the lower abdomen,Touching the mouth,Laughing。
Sudden,Zhang Xiaoying put down the book,Rushing:“you say……My belly is my son or a daughter.?Your dad is, saying that born boys and women don’t care.,But I heard the meaning of his words.,Still want grandson。
If you get a granddaughter,They will not be very disappointed?
I have been more than four months now.,There are still five months.,We should give your child a name to your child in advance.?What is your favor??”
Half a day,I have not been responded in one sentence.,Zhang Xiaoying frowned,A little angry:“Talk to you?,Did you hear me?”
Wang flows in front of the computer,It’s not easy to play.,I heard that this looked up at her.,Honest:“what?Oh……Heard it heard,What are you talking about?。”
have to,Listen to this,I didn’t hear it with you.……Zhang Xiaoying is a little crying.,Get up and walk:“What are you playing?,Such as,I can’t hear it with you.。”
“nothing,qqDeveloped a new version,Add some new features,Also made some charge tries,Master you want to release,The people in the project team let me first experience,Help look up。”
Wang traffic people tell,Aid:“Come,Try it out,From the perspective of women,Experience what is wrong?。”
Talking about getting up,Help Zhang Xiaoying sat in front of the computer。
Looking at the cartoon image on the screen,Zhang Xiaoying is a bit unclear.:“Is this a new function to be released??Where is the meaning??”
Kid:“Not a new function,This is the last version released.,The next version is to add a virtual props,It is the decoration that you are wearing the characters you have now seen.。
Significant is of course fun,Now I have dressed up.,Light look at you must not understand,You wait for me to take these,You feel again。”
Said that the king will pass all the decorations that have just been carefully dressed.,Just watching a cool cartoon character,In an instant, it turns only to wear a sweatshirt and shorts.,Still lighting the silk image。

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