There is still a hurry to go back to San Francisco.,Go back to France to talk about business in Anna Tatasia,She wants to take out four million US dollars to support my boyfriend’s business.,Chen Linzhi ultimately only likes to collect $ 500,000,Let her continue to communicate with Dior,Solve the right thing because the cash is not delayed。

These are the investment amount determined in advance。
Chen Linzhi will take about 5 million US dollars.,Invest in the fund company,if necessary,You can still pick up more than 40 million dollars from the stock market at any time.,Enter the guidance,Temporarily choose to put eggs into different baskets。
Daytime on Saturday,Chen Linzhi has some feelings,Drink two cups of coffee,Expert to practice how to speak in the room。
It’s hard to get to the evening.。
Waiting for him to come to the Palace Hotel,Guide card、Promotion Billboards have been placed in advance,Wide two meters long three meters bubble introduction card,Half-length photos with Chen Linzhi,Smile,No matter how it looks extraordinarily young。
No face, which is graduated, where is the school,I have no face to introduce where to work,As soon as I wrote a San Francisco Union Trade Company,Operate a business worth tens of millions of dollars,Subsequently invested six million US dollars fried foreign exchange futures,More than 40 million US dollars,This year, stocks have also earned more than 10 million dollars.,Half year profit rate is close to 40%。
Chen Linzhi is conspicuous and appreciated.。
Private equity fund company new chief operating official law,I don’t know where to get out.,Calm:“I hope you have been legal taxation.,Otherwise this is the evidence that can make you convict。”
“……Thank you for your reminder,But I am indeed taxable tax rate in accordance with the law.。”Chen Linzhi said calmly。
The key to legal tax avoidance is“legitimate”Two words。
Since Chen Linzhi is considering what will make a fortune in the early days of entrepreneurship,So I will take a batch of profits to overseas.,Operation through overseas empty shell companies,US law stipulates that the company’s overseas income is not returned to China,Taxation,Third-party accounting firm hired high price,Successfully helped him save a lot of money。
Faibian half-joke half reminder,See Chen Linzhi has confidence in this,I haven’t worried again.,Turn around:“I demonstrate slideshow,There should be no problem,When I arrived next, I will help you put it.,You only need to touch the rich bastard,Strive to complete this year’s performance earlier。”
Say potential investment customers are babards,Founded in the work attitude。
Diamount Chen Linzhi did not refute,Because he is also thinking about himself,Easy to send out the invitation,After the things are troublesome,Some people call to ask if I can find someone to help bring children,Someone calls to ask if the parking is convenient,Some people say that it is far away.,I really want to invite him to help book a hotel room.。
Most of them are all irrelevant trivial matters,Those who are related to business,Some people pick three pick four,It’s a difference that is not a scam.,Talking tone makes people get angry。
Chen Linzhi worked in the bank,I know how difficult the service industry is,One thing always likes to treat yourself,Quite difficult to wait。
no way,The invitation letter issued,Even if you are upset, you have to stay.。
These Tianfa Bi’an often work overtime,Work attitude is particularly serious,Chen Linzhi took his shoulders at this moment.,Smile:
“My friend invests in money,Calculated in your performance target,But I am willing to invest five million US dollars.。
Come on,Strive for the company’s management fund size,Break through a million dollars before the end of the year,The profitability is not less than one percent,Just reach this goal,I will send you more quarterly salary as a bonus.。”
“Percent?Do I say something that makes you misunderstood?,Leading your ability to work too confident?”Fabby。
This is mid-June,He can’t say big words。
Processing procedures delay point time,Even if you can pull to the investment,Wait until the fund will be held in July.。
Five months, the assets rise percent,Fabi-An self-confidence……
NS234chapter Introductory(two)
Private assessment fund company initial adjustment。
Fightabi is a chief operator(o),Work is responsible for managing daily operations,Supervise the supervisors of each division,Associate CEO(ceo)work。
Fabi once thought,Chen Linzhi will be another private equity fund company,Digging a more experienced talent,Responsible for the co-ordination plan for joint private equity。

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