“Who knows??Two doors,Even in the mall,I don’t see any benefits we can take up.。”

Everyone is talking about。
And some people are very clear,Lu Hao Cheng’s strength,Not ordinary people can host。
“Humph!”Li Shuchang listened to the argument of the people around,嗤 嗤 嗤。
The purpose of the big Bet is that the land is。
Lu Jiamen,If they are swallowed by them,They Lijia in Jiangyou,Even the wholeacountry,That is the existence of calling rain 。
So much,Li Shu Chang is not afraid of Blue Xin.。
She looked proud to look at Blue Xin,“I advise you,Don’t find it,kneel down,Apologize,Today, this matter is over.。”
“Smooth,Don’t forget to let her lose one million,Your clothes can be limited,Expensive。”I quietly looked at Li Shuhong. I am not afraid.,The momentum is coming again.。
She is waiting to be online,This amount of money must be cut out from this woman.,Otherwise, I can do it in the evening.。Blue Xin looked at her,“Are you too superior?,I have forgotten my words I just,I said it before,You value only one million,I arrived here is 100 million。Several people in all this evening leave 100 million,Ship,no
,Underground casino。”Rhinoception,Like a fan。
Instantly hit a few people。
“you……I really want to think about it.,very good,When you fly, you can make things unpacking.,Then I can’t put you.。”Li Shuchang took out the phone from the brilliant bag of the diamond.。
“Sister,We were trapped by the woman.,Everyone is 100 million,Otherwise, we will throw us to the underground casino.。”
“I came over.。”The other party is cold and cold.,Hang a phone。
Li Shuchang,“You are waiting for me。”
Lan Xin nodded:“During my time waiting for it,Sewaing clothes。”
She looked hidden in the dark ink seven。
“When is the other party bring money over??When did they put them??Now send them to the underground casino。”
“you dare。”Li Shuchang did not expect that the other party is not afraid of afraid。
NS,Several women are still coming,By being taken away by the bodyguard。
“let me go,asshole,Let’s let me go.,Do you know who I am?You also dare to touch me.,I must cut off your hands.,Let you pay a price。”
Li Shu Chang and a few women are inundating in the elevator。
Blue Xin is not in the meaning of people around,Look at Qing Dynasty:“Go to the clothes first。”
“Yes,lady。”Qing Dynasty with Blue Xin to change clothes。
And the news here,Someone passed the news into the ear of Leson.。
NS,now,He is standing on the second floor to enjoy the dispute downstairs。
I heard the report of the eyeliner,He is eyebrows,Burning two clusters in sharp eyes。
“Useless things,A woman can’t be dealt with。”He whispered。
Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing,Muzi,Jiefin,Lin Wei days,Also encountered things。
Several people sit together to drink together chat,Nor did it meet with the right thing。
Lu Haoge just went to the card,There was a man touched him.。
He didn’t care,There are more people around them.,Can take a step,Suddenly I found that the suit collar is slightly sinking。
Maybe it is being alert,He looked at his man.。
See that the man has a cold smile.,He will immediately。
Heartbreak,This small trick played him Lu Hao Cheng.,He will make him born to death。
Ou Jing, always pays attention to the movement of him.,He looked at the European view,European。
When Lu Hao Cheng sat down,The two hands hold it.,Ou Jingzhen got up。
Ou Jing just returned,The man who hits Lu Haozheng took a few men.,The momentum is in front of Lu Haozheng。

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