I heard blue dye,The pupil of the night is also a contraction.,It’s not a loss, is it a guy who can be harbor to Puyuan??

Although the changes before and after night are indeed large,But because of the arrangement of the system,Coupled with the proof of the flower,Others have not suspected too much。
But the blue dye is still found,Night is too much abnormal。
As the most good people,Blue dyeing means even he for hundreds of years,How much is in the 13th team of the guard,Leave some reputation。
And the look of the night,It’s too clean.,In addition to its own team,Previously there was no famous gas。
Such people,Otherwise it is a sailing fish,Mixed eating and other dead otaku,Or is it just like him?,Very large conspiracy home。
“how,Do you want to be with me??as far as I know,You have not reached the solution yet,I have already defeated several captains.。
To me here,I can give you a better future.,Don’t say,Even if you break the boundaries of the dead,Take your talent,It is also easy to mention。”
It’s expected by night,Blue dye actually reached out of the olive branch,I want to attract him?
“Ding,Accept camp invitation,Whether to change the camp,Join the virtual ring camp,If the choice is,Subsequent tasks will be released around the virtual ring。”
ps:This system is“Hero system”,If you choose a fault lineup,The host also needs to develop the world’s main way。
See thisps,I want to be street at night.,What is this??
Be in the opposite,Still to save the world?
No matter whether it is calculated.,He was originally invited to accept blue dyeing。
Although blue dressing collapse,Wheel single strength,The strength is enough to crane the corpse。
But well known,Fog,Usually there is no good result。
CounterbossIt is possible to live to the big finish,But they have these younger brother,Usually cannon gray。
“how?See you so forbea,It should also have your own purpose.,You are not all the way with the soul of the corpse.。”
See the night silence,Blue dye request again。
Blue dye is so looked like this,It is indeed a quite appreciation for its strength.。
Relying only,But it has been able to entangle the head leader,This strength is even in the whole corpse,It is also quite good.。
“Sorry,Blue Dyeleman,Maybe I am the kind of salted fish you said.。
My people think,Just among the soul of this corpse,Even if I just reserve her morality,I can’t do it with her.。”
“So in order to let her be punished,Still trouble, leave it.!”
The front foot is also hippiens,Suddenly burst out amazing speed,Three people rushing to blue。
Blue dye looks at the night of the explosion,There is no accident,Just revealing a unfortunate smile。
“Dirty wave,Crazy boat;boiling!numbness!Flashes!Sleepless;The princess of the steel is also embroidered,Mud and collapse;Assemble!Oppose enemy!Flooding the ground to make each other!
90th black coffin!”
Night pre-rushing figure,Suddenly, it was shrouded by a sudden happily。
Blue dye has been hidden with strength,Its strength,Already far above the captain level。
Before him。Also use this ninety black,Directly gave the dogs to the spike。
But the strength of the night,The dogs are different from dogs.,Black should be shrouded,But how long does it take?,The color of the black can start to become a blue blue,Then next second,Inn inch in the air。
Night scouring figure,Did not receive a wire,Continue to shoot three people。
“It’s terrible?,Blue Dyeleman is completely singing,Actually broken instantly,Like me this kind of air,I will probably be spike.。”

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