not bad,Have the feeling of my younger brother,If you don’t have a good future,get ready,Have a hard battle tonight,Remember guy。”
“Our aim is that Ning is that the enemy can die.,Even if you want to die,Also want to die first,And even if you want to die,Also try more to kill,have you understood?”
Li Mei’s words,Let the scorpion and others are also a glimpse。
Jin Xijie didn’t think that Li Mei actually said that the murderer is so big.。
He suddenly found himself to invite Li Mei to come in.,It seems to be a wrong decision.。
I know that the other side will take the steel wire.,Or is no longer a wire,Instead, dance directly on the cliff.,One is not careful, it is the kind of robbery.。
He said nothing will make each other join。
But now Li Mei has so encouraged everyone’s morale.,He naturally can’t dismantle this time.。
Especially when Li Mei said these words,He clearly saw that there is no one to oppose the opposition of Lu Changsheng’s eyes.,Instead, there is a feeling of supporting。
I am gratifying.,What is this ghost??
Since the beginning, Jin Xijie did not speak,Land Changsheng also。
But he knows,This battle tonight is inevitable.。
Especially listen to Li Mei’s words,It should be to see blood tonight.,I have to kill people.。
“Scorpion,You take them to buy a dagger.,Best of a fatal life,Don’t go to the finish steel pipe,Useless,Come to you。”
“it is good。”
It’s also taking people with a scorpion.。
Li Mei saw everyone left,Laughing and looks to Jin Xijie Road:“Golden boss,Have you regretted us join??”
After all, Jin Xijie wants to borrow their hand to remove some opponents.。
Sribo Li Mesi is coming,Let Jin Xijie can’t insert。
“Hey-hey,Regret is really a bit,Mainly, we can not kill people.,That is to be sentenced to the prison.。”
Who said to kill people??
They don’t understand hands,Naturally, it will not die,If you do,Who also takes care of?”
“Moreover,Already fighting guys,You don’t want the other party,The other party is your life,So fighting can’t,Who is going to die first?。”
“okay,Prepare it.,There is still a hard battle tonight.,Since the other party can sit in the city’s boss,So it is definitely a few brushes.,Otherwise it will not be so stable.,And you have chosen a stable。”
Say this,Li Mei went shopping with Lu Changsheng。
Nothing, there is no war, the pre-war。
Jin Xijie is also some of the performance of Li Mei’s performance.,Can only say that each other is a big thing,It’s understanding that you have to fight at night.,Actually, there is still a heart。
He is not even drinking water.。
Think about him or not,I can only hope that Li will come back soon.,It should be able to stop this practice of Li Mei followed。
After Li Mei left,There is no shopping,But I am looking for and chatting with the cafe.。
Lu Changsheng naturally understands Li Mei to talk about,What to ask,After all, the two are not a day two days.,Some tacit treaties don’t need words to know each other’s mind.。
“Hey-hey,How do you want to ask Jin Xijie??”
“Um,Or you understand me,I feel that he can’t do a big event.,That is, it is a small mix.。”
Li Mei said,While drinking a little light。
Lu Changsheng is smiling and shakes his head.:“I don’t think so.,You just stand in your point of view,But I don’t stand in his angle.!”
“You know I am by your side.,I also know that I will shoot tonight.,But he doesn’t know,He only knows that tonight is really going to die.,I really have to fight.,Not a few people are willing。”
“There are also other factions,He should be loyal to Li Hui,Of course, we have no conflicts with Li Hui’s Rong.,So some things don’t say more,Everyone understands。”

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