However, the face of Liu Hao still has a charming smile.:“All right,The gift of the god of gods also finished,This session of the gambling competition officially ended,Everyone can buy the original stone freely.。”

The flow of Liu is turned to the body and staring at Lin Feng.。
Lin Feng is just a smile.。
“Big brother,I know you must succeed.。”Hong Hai smiled and walked up with excitement。
“I said that,I am a gambling!”Lin Feng said with a smile。
“All right,Big brother,I deal with what I have,Let’s rest first.。”Hong Hai laughs:“Congratulations on the big brother。”
“Treat it well。”Lin Feng smiled and was ready to leave.,However, when Lin Feng turned, he found a lot of people around the stage.。
“Gamble,Give me signature。”
“Gamble,I love you,Sign me signature。”
“Gamble,I am willing to give my first kiss to you.。”
“Gamble,Sign a name。”
Hill Mountain Sea,Many people are surrounded by the fire exhibition。
“I rubbed!”Lin Feng can’t help but hurt a sentence,He looked at the inconsistency,shocked。
“Big brother,Leave you take the helicopter.。”Hong Hai looked at this south to show a bitter smile.,But I can’t think of Lin Feng’s charm so big.。
“Ok,I will not go with you. They say hello.,Hell to deal with what you have,Is there anything to contact me?。”Lin Feng took the shoulderway of Honghai.。
Let Honghai to deal with the things here again.。
“This doesn’t matter,There is Bei Shao and we are,Safety is no problem。”Hong Hai laughs。
Immediately, Honghai communication,This shouted a helicopter to land on the fire exhibition.,Lin Feng’s figure walks into the helicopter。
Helicopical planes,Those who come from surroundings have exposed the color of disappointment,Soon these people to pick the original stone,The whole flush is active again,More popular than yesterday,After all, everyone is gains.10000Dollar bill。
on site10000The original stone of the US gold is still a lot.。
The business of three original stone trading places is so,Even some of the original stones left on the fire exhibition is also bought from high prices.,After all, there have been many shocking things in these stones.。
Heat,Transfers that the trading of the market is constantly changing。
One day between blinks。
This time, the transverse printed original stone transaction ends,In addition to Honghai benefits,There is also an organization that benefits very much,That is the nannas,Every transaction they extracted10%Commission,Today’s transaction volume is not 78 billion。
They directly draw five six billion commissions。
They just dispatched a vice president to supervise.。
In fact, the two families of the Raptors and Dongxing also benefited very much.,Although they failed in the final battle,But after all, I have been engulfed.,Forces skyrocket。
Hearts International Hotel,Lin Feng’s figure lying on the sofa,Just then the sound of the doorbell,Lin Feng smiled and opened the door.,A group of people stand outside the door。
“See gambling!”
There is a Honghai,Cheetah,Two tigers,Huang Mao,Beihai,Mu Fenglong,Cheng Guan,Black and white hand and other than 20 people。
“wipe,Don’t pull。”Lin Feng smiled:“All come in。”

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