“Discuss these things?call6666what!”

“really,Once the batch is。”
“This purification seconds to direct the right angle stay,There is also a pull down……I can learn ten years。”
“The exaggeration in front of ten years ago?,Seven、Eight years。”
“Hi,Whenever I see this kind of Gongbao,Will can’t help but sighIGManagement of management。”
“really,They are old.。”
After this wave of Yue Tower,The scene on the field did not calm down。
Compared to the horn of the mouth,This wave,More like the sound of the fire。
6Minute30second,One minute after the end of the upper wave battle,Lowering is once again provoked the war。
but……This time you provoke one of the battles,But notJDG,ButIGNS。
Casa double tricks,This forIGIt is a wave of pole,The opportunity to catch。
Qian Yan came to the road,Luo is directly seized the opportunity,Flash raised Casa。
Current version of LuoW,The speed is almost unable to use the reaction to hide。
ipNever exception。
finally,Although the scarecrow is stopped using control,Let the palace clearing have no way to continue control。
But there is a thousand sideside,Also have enough people to stay in person。
finally,After the output is over the output,Casha’s head was accepted by thousands of people。
Hereed,ipThe line of the road is a little collapsed.。
Palace Qingwen’s Xia,In seven minutes,got it2Personal head,Make a knife72Knife。
And the opposition of Casa,The record at this time is very symmetrical.0–2–0,Make a knife48Knife。
Such a developmental gap,Let even get the Casa’sip,I feel some difficult to catch up.。
then,Thousands of horses with their own way,InvadeJDGBlueBUFFwild area。
After receiving 蛤蟆,The mark on him also came to three floors.。
8Minute15second,First small dragon wasIGAccept。
The two sides did not have this small dragon。
IGI want to think,pityJDGDo not pick up。
12Minute15second,Lower off a wave4V4Group battle。
finally,IGThanks to the big tricks,by2Change4The result won the battle of this wave。
then,JDGThe down circuit is removed,IGThe double group then turned。
Gorge Pioneer,Also after this,Looking directly by Qianzhao。
then,Canyon Pioneer is placed in the middle。

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