“Fucking shortlist。I’m asking you something!?”Wu Fang suddenly violent,Gave Liu Qiang very rudely,Great strength,Almost made it somersault。

Several police officers nearby immediately noticed something was wrong,Winked around。Liu Qiang hurriedly gestured to his companions,“It’s okay,My old comrade。It’s okay,It’s okay。”Several people looked at Wu Fang who was furious,Obviously don’t believe Liu Qiang’s words,None left。
“What are you doing?One group,Three groups set off immediately。”Zhou Nan suddenly appeared at the door of the bar,He also noticed the situation on Liu Qiang’s side,Shout loudly。
Immediately another police officer ran over,“Hurry up,New situation。”The police officers around the two looked at each other,Turn around and go。Liu Qiang pointed his finger at Wu Fang,Waved up and down for a long time and didn’t say anything。
At this moment, the police officer who just ran over quietly whispered in Liu Qiang’s ear,“Shooting at Xilinmen Restaurant on Qilin Street,Team Zhou let go immediately。”
“My grass,Together again?What day is today?”Liu Qiang,Muttering to himself。
Chapter Four Hundred and Two Caught off guard
“Move faster。”The police officer whispered,Another unnatural glance at Wu Fang,Then turned around and left。
Liu Qiang waved his hand,Looking at Wu Fang coldly,“The deceased was a waiter,People from this county。Two of the five wounded were bar staff,Identity needs further confirmation,That’s all for now。”
“What’s wrong again?Where is Qilin Street?”Wu Fang is obviously absent-minded,He has excellent hearing,He heard most of the police officer’s whisper just now。
“Too much?Let’s do your shit?”Liu Qiang is really unhappy this time,At this time a police car behind him has started,The harsh siren sounded,He knew that the people in another car were waiting for him,So there is no time for wordy,Turn around,While pointing at Wu Fang’s nose,“warn you,Do things well,Don’t forget what you do。”
“To your uncle’s position。”Wu Fang cursed fiercely,Turn around,Soon disappeared outside the crowd。
Wu Fang is indeed not familiar with the county,But it does not affect him quickly found Qilin Street,Xilinmen Restaurant is even more conspicuous,Because the crowd onlookers is bigger than the bar,Half of the street is blocked,It’s hard not to see。
Watching police cars parked on the side of the road,Wu Fang knew that Liu Qiang had already arrived,Intuition tells him that the noise here is even bigger,And it must be related to Yuxing。This time he is not reckless,But call Yuan Hua,And interrupted the other party’s nagging impatiently,Roar loudly,“I don’t care where you are,Arrive at Xilinmen Restaurant on Qilin Street in ten minutes,Hear、Tell me everything you see。”
hang up the phone,Wu Fang disappeared in the corner of the street。In this case,No need to look at the Internet cafe,The urgent thing is to find everyone in Yuxing。Now there are two places to choose,But the first thing he thought of was the emergency room that Li Tianchou arranged temporarily in the suburbs.,There are a few injured numbers there,Not easy to move。If someone from Yuxing is really injured this time, he can also respond to the emergency,By contrast,That little black building like a haunted house is not the best choice。
But when I got to that row of small bungalows,Wu Fang was dumbfounded,The rooms are empty and there are no people。He carefully checked the front and back of the house,Judging from the trace,Yuxing people evacuated in a hurry,But also very cautious,Hardly see anything of value。Even the gauze that can be seen everywhere in the morning、The packaging bags of medical consumables have also been cleaned up,As if no one has been here。
“Fucking,Wicked。”Wu Fang scratched his head and squatted on the ground,Everyone in Yuxing obviously has a more hidden hiding place,That might be their last stronghold in Fukuyama,Naturally won’t let him know。Although Li Tianchou is full of trust in him,But never make fun of everyone’s safety in Yuxing。Besides, Zhu Lei, the key figure, always has a guard against him.。
Yuan Hua finally returned the call,And this time I sold a lot of effort,Not only did a detailed report on the situation of Xilinmen Restaurant,I personally went to Happy Time Internet Cafe to check。

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