Finished dinner,Tian Wa and Liu Changgui took the selected twenty men and went to the field again。These people can earn 20 yuan more if they work on a night shift,Don’t mention how happy they are。Anyway, I worked at night,Can rest during the day。Farmers think the problem is simple,So no one came out to speak。

Waiting for the night shift,Wang Youcai went to the kitchen with his hands behind his back。Liu Ying, who was cleaning up the dishes, saw Wang Youcai,He lowered his voice and said:“You go back to the room,I’ll come back when everyone is asleep“
“What are you thinking?I want you to work overtime,Make dinner for more than 20 people and send it to the construction site“Wang Youcai said coldly。
Liu Yingyi listen,I’m sorry to lower my head:“sure!But I don’t know what to do“
“Big meat stir fry,Then steam a hot steamed bun,Just boil a few pots of boiling water。Call me when you are ready,Let’s send it there together,I want to see what they do“Wang Youcai said,Ha ha smile。
Liu Ying nodded and said:“it is good!Then you go to sleep for a while,Let’s send it over at twelve o’clock“
When I heard Liu Ying cared about him so much,Wang Youcai’s heart still feels warm。He has slept with many women,Even Ni Xiaoli who has been a wife for a while,Never care about his life or death,Just ask him blindly。When he can’t squeeze out any money,She is going to divorce。
Only this Liu Ying,She still hushed him from time to time。When Wang Youcai was leaving,Whispered to Liu Ying:“When the salary is paid this month,I will give you two more overtime“
Liu Ying smiled happily,But she didn’t say a word。But she couldn’t help but speed up a lot,This is her best answer。
Wang Youcai returned to the office,Turned on the TV。He is actually not in the mood to watch this,He kept changing channels,I didn’t know if I fell asleep。Until Liu Ying called him,He just opened his eyes。
The working workers saw that Wang Youcai personally brought them supper,Don’t mention that happiness。
First1675chapter Turtle
This evening,Wang Youcai didn’t go back to the dormitory,Staying on the construction site。He didn’t do this to help,But monitor。Thus,No one dare to be lazy anymore。
The sky is already bright accidentally,Fortunately, all the saplings shipped this time are in place。Wang Youcai yawned and said:“Thank you for your efforts。Don’t leave for a while,After loading the car,Let Captain Liu give everyone the subsidy from last night”
Wang Youcai really got home,His hands are really clever。It stands to reason that these workers should go back to sleep,But he just refused,He wants them to help load the car。Some workers can’t hold it anymore,But I’m going to pay last night’s subsidy after a while,They won’t leave。
Exhausted worker,No matter how cold the soil is,Lean on the mound,Snoring soon。Wang Youcai stretched his waist,Smile,He said to Liu Changgui and Tian Wa:“go!Go back for breakfast,The boss is coming at nine o’clock,We have to be more energetic”
“Hi!Worked all night,Is this refreshing??”Liu Changgui’s tone was somewhat resentful。
Wang Youcai glanced at him,Coldly scolded:“Your fucking getting worse,Just add one night to the class and I’m tired like a dog,It was not like this when you were in the mine before。Is there no woman here?,You have no motivation to work?Wait two days,Take you out to relax“
Liu Changgui heard that Wang Youcai wanted to take him out to relax,There was a smile on his face immediately。He smiled and said:“Boss Wang is not as generous as before,Since i came here,You never took me out to play“

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