He just got out of the company’s door.,I met Gu Ai’an that came around.。

I saw Gu Anan,He frowned,Handsome face is not resistant。
Gu Anan went into him,Smile shouting:“Haojia brother,Where are you going??”
“Where do I go with you??”Lu Haocheng cold face,Tone。
Gu Ansheng suddenly pain,He is against her,Always this attitude。
Her light eyes,Quiet look at him quietly,Asking for a sadness:“Haojia brother,I would like to know,You don’t want to marry me.,Because of my sister,Still because I am a nursery?”
Lu Hao Cheng also heard that she said this question.,He suddenly looked at her,Ridicule:“Gu Anan,Not because of these reasons,But because I have no feelings。”
But because I have no feelings,Short a few words,I murdered all the fantasies of Gu Ansian.。
She suddenly smiled and asked:“Haojia brother,if,Xiao Yi, my sister came back.?Do you still marry a small sister??”
NS285chapter:Do you have to let me get angry?

NS285chapter:Do you have to let me get angry?
“This is not what you should,I have no reason to answer you.。”Lu Hao Cheng finished,Have a,Overline,From beginning to end,I didn’t have Gu Anan.。
Gu Anan quickly turned and looked at his bizarre back.,A cold smile。
Lu Hao Cheng,Look,You have found her.。
but,I won’t let her live,You can never get her,She can never come back to grab the position,Household,I can only have me a daughter.。
This time,Lu Hao Cheng’s sudden change,Let her are very strange,Can let him become energetic and gentle,Only That Gu Yi Blue。
She will definitely check it as soon as possible. Who is it?。
Sudden,The speaker makes Gu Ai’an.,She is looking at the past,I saw Lu Haokai opened a luxury car.,Looking at her not far away。
“Anan,Not waiting for me there,What to do here??”Lu Haoke said with a smile,These days from get off work,He will take care of Ai’an every day.。
Especially now,Dad is on the air,Everything must be done everything,Otherwise, the days can be sad.。
The old man is more insufficient than the cattle,Sometimes he doesn’t help but。
Gu An’an quickly organized his mood,Laugh:“I thought you would come over there?,Standing here waiting for you。”
She smiles and elegant walks,Lu Haokai’s performance in these days is very satisfied.,At least he is doing things that a boyfriend should do,Each day, she will pick up her get off work.。
Lu Haokai got off,Great gentleman helping her open the door,Help her a seat belt,Only returning to the driving position,Launching the car leaves。
Gu Anang’s side,Looking at Lu Haokai,Although he did not have Lu Hao Cheng,But this face,It’s not bad,She asked:“correct,What happened today,I have heard of it.,Lu Bu is nothing.?”
Lu Haokai smiled:“fine,The old man is gone after a few days.,Just, my mother is looking for some people who are not reliable.,Let Lu Haozheng are observed,you know too,Such a thing,In this circle, it often occurs.。”
Gu An An, nodded,Smile:“I know,But it is still worried that Lu Bu,After all, Lu Hao Cheng has always been a cold and ruthless person.。”
Lu Haokai listened to her words,Quite a bit surprised,He quickly side,Looked at her,Ridicule:“Gu Anan,You are not always like Lu Haozheng??I still heard you said that Lu Hao Cheng is a heartless person.。”
“hehe”Gu Anan is cold and cold,Have to say,Before,Her indefint of Lu Hao Cheng,But now she knows,Lu Haozheng is absolutely impossible to give her opportunity.。
She will marry any woman in the world,Just won’t marry her。
I am afraid in Lu Hao Cheng’s heart.,She has no qualifications for him to sell shoes.。

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